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Dynamite Baits Swimstim Method Mix

This is an adaptation of the very popular Swim Stim groundbait but it has been formulated specifically for feeder fishing whether with a Method feeder or an open-end feeder. Mix it dry and it is perfect for plugging cage feeders. Add a little more water and it offers a fast breakdown mix for flat-bed Method…


Dynamite Baits XL Sweetcorn

This sweetcorn has been designed and selected specifically for fishing and we believe it offers the perfect compromise between being tough enough to stay on the hook when cast and soft enough that the fish will readily take the bait. It comes supplied in a 340g ring pull can so you don’t have to mess…


Dynamite Baits Meaty Fish Bites 8mm

Dynamite Baits Meaty Fish Bites 8mm Meaty Fish Bites are back!! Bowing to public demand, Dynamite Baits have re-launched these iconic hook baits in sizes that will appeal to the specimen angler and match/pleasure angler alike. These firm, rubbery textured baits are robust enough to hook directly, hair rig or even slice into smaller baits….


Dynamite Baits Meaty Pellet Liquid Attractant

Dynamite Baits Meaty Pellet Liquid Attractant 250ml This 250ml bottle of liquid attractant is ideal for boosting and flavouring pellets, meat, corn and groundbaits.


Sonubaits Robin Red Feed Pellets 900g

Sonubaits Robin Red Feed Pellets High-quality, low oil fishmeal pellet enhanced with the incredibly popular and effective Robin Red® flavour. The fresh, peppery smell and taste of Robin Red products has long been a favorite in the carp fishing world and combined with Sonubaits pellets we have a winning combination on our hands. Available in…