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  • HTO Shore Jig

  • Sidewinder Skerries Sand Eel

  • Sidewinder Solid Shads

  • HTO Slow Jig

  • Sidewinder Rattlebacks 4 Inch 25gm

  • Megabass Vision 110 FW 10cm 14g

  • Sidewinder Super Slims 6 Inch

  • Savage Gear Sandeel V2 12cm 22g

  • AFW Surflon, Nylon Coated 1×7 Stainless Leader

  • Savage Gear Surf Seeker 10.5cm 35gm

  • Mustad Kaiju Inline Single Lure Hooks

  • HTO Eel Tailz

  • Savage Gear Sandeel V2 Weedless 11.5cm 22g

  • Savage Gear Sandeel V2 14cm 33g

  • 360GT Coastal Storm Biscay Sandeel 17cm 50 g

  • AXIA Mighty Eel 63g 17.5cm – 1 Head, 2 Bodies


As an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, you probably understand that selecting the right sea fishing lure is an essential element of success on the water. In fact, these lures are specifically created to replicate the natural movements of baitfish, shrimp, and other species that fish typically feed on in their natural habitats.

You will find a plethora of sea fishing lures, all in varying sizes, colors, and designs. The most prevalent types of lures used for sea fishing include jigs, plugs, spinners, poppers, soft plastic lures, and flies.

Jigs, due to their weighty heads and hooks, are effective for enticing larger fish, whereas plugs can beautifully replicate the movements and positions of smaller fish species.

If you are looking to catch predatory fish, topwater lures such as spinners and poppers are your go-to options. Additionally, soft plastic lures can simulate the movements of various underwater creatures such as eels, worms, and other crustaceans, while flies are best suited for mimicking insects and other flying prey.

Ultimately, the successful capture of your desired fish species depends on selecting the right sea fishing lure for the specific season, weather, and target fish species.

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