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Sea Fishing Lures

New materials have really pushed what is possible with sea fishing lures in the past decade. Increased flexibility, durability and colour retention have made the latest plastics perfect for the production of sea fishing lures. Can you imagine going on a wreck fishing trip for Cod or Pollack without a good selection of Hokkais in your fishing box?

Here at Gerry's Fishing we stock all the sea fishing lures you will ever need, whatever fish you are targeting. We stock everything from traditional Pirks to the very latest shads and sidewinder eels in a great range of sizes and colours.

Hard Lures and Plugs

There's no denying that hard lures and plugs work brilliantly for species like Bass and Pollack as well as any predatory fish we find around the UK. This may be old technology, but with the latest designs and with a range of sinking and floating plugs we have the lure that will snag you that prize fish!

Soft Lures

Our range of sea fishing soft lures have been proven in the field to bring fish to the boat or shore time and again. The latest designs and materials allied with super sharp, specifically designed hooks mean more fish in your box at the end of the day!

Hooks and Jig Heads

Our range of hooks and jig heads allow you to not only save money but still catch fish! Choose which hook or jig head you wish to use and then hook on one of our soft lures!

Links and Clips

When you're lure fishing, every second counts. Why waste time knotting on a new lure and having to cut those nots off again to attach a different lure when you can use a lure clip? These fast, incredibly useful pieces of terminal tackle allow lighting quick changes of lures, giving you more fishing time.