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  • Sakuma 540 Manta Hooks

  • Gerrys Lip Grip Circle Hooks

  • Gerrys Black Aberdeen Hooks (100 Per Pack)

  • Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks

  • Sakuma 545 Manta Extra Pro Series Hooks

  • Cox & Rawle SCR32 Chinu Hooks

  • Sakuma 545 Manta Extra Hooks

  • Mustad 79511 NP-BN Viking Pennel

  • Gerrys Bait Holder Hooks (50 Per Pack)

  • Cox & Rawle Mutsu Circle Hooks

  • Kamasan B940S Short Shank

  • Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks

  • Cox & Rawle Meat Hooks

  • Mustad 79515 Uptide Viking Box of 25

  • Cox & Rawle Specimen Aberdeen Hooks (25 Per Pack)

  • Trabucco Akura 145 BN Hooks


Sea fishing hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed to catch different types of fish. The most popular hooks for sea fishing are the J-hook, circle hook, and treble hook.

J-hooks are the most widely used hook type and come in a variety of designs, including straight shank and offset hooks.

Circle hooks are known for their ability to catch fish without causing injury or mortality as they typically hook the fish in the corner of the mouth. Treble hooks have three hooks on a single shank, making it an excellent choice for lures, trolling, and bait fishing.

It is essential to choose the right hook size and type based on the target species, the fishing technique employed, and the fishing location. It’s also important to check local fishing regulations as some areas may have restrictions on the types of hooks allowed or require the use of barbless hooks.

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