Shark Fishing Tackle

UK shark fishing has had a real boom in popularity over the past few years due to more sharks coming into UK waters.

Whether you are after targeting Blue's, Porgies, Tope or even an elusive Mako or Thresher, we can help you choose the correct tackle to ensure you're dreams become a reality.

Owner Hooks

The world's best hooks should be you're only choice when Shark fishing.

They have a great range of dedicated 'big fish' patterns which are all super sharp & ultra strong.

American Fishing Wire

You need serious end tackle when targeting big fish. AFW wire and accessories is a market leader in the UK and the USA.


Which Hooks?

So you are probably going out to try and catch the biggest fish you have even thought about catching from the UK and you are wondering if the hooks you pick will be strong enough and sharp enough?

Don't worry we have hand picked the best hooks you can use. Whether you want circle hooks, live bait hooks or O'shaunessys we have you covered.

Wire & Crimps?

We have tried, tested most suppliers or wire and most types from 4 stand to 49 strand and have come with the conclusion of just to use American Fishing Wire (AFW).

These products are produced for the American market where unfortunately for us catch bigger and harder fighting fish. The good news is that it gives you the upmost confidence that it won't let you down.

Mono's & Line

Picking the correct mainline for the right fish is very important. For example If you were Tope fishing you can use 40lb Braid very comfortably however the braid isn't robust enough to catch larger species.

This is where the stretch of a mono mainline helps massively. For Blue sharks we would recommend using a minimum of a tough 40lb mono.

Choosing the Right Rod

As Jack is showing you in the picture, a hard fighting fish can be enjoyed when you are using the correct strength of rod. We have a wide variety of rods in stock to deal with just about anything you have in mind.

Sport fishing with light gear is fantastic fun and will give you memories of a life time however some shark species will give everything in a fight and need to recovered properly after they have been unhooked.

Shark Fishing Tackle

Big fish require big tackle and if you're talking about Shark then here at Gerry's Fishing we can supply all the tackle you will ever need!

We supply a full range of shark fishing tackle for all species, to enable you to land everything from the smallest to the largest Shark both here and for overseas trips. All of our shark tackle is sourced from the best suppliers so quality and strength is guaranteed - just the kind of reassurance you need when you are battling a monster fish!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran Shark fisherman or you are setting out on your first Shark fishing adventure, give us a call. We fish for this species regularly so can point you in the direction of all the tackle you need.