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  • Gerrys Extra Strong Power Swivels

  • AFW Mighty Mini Stainless Steel Snap Swivels

  • Gerrys Rolling Swivels

  • Breakaway Cascade Swivels (10 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys 3 Way Swivels (20 Per Pack)

  • AFW Solid Brass Ball Bearing Swivels with Double Welded Rings

  • Tronix Rolling Swivel

  • Gerrys Dia Round Swivels

  • Sunset Ball Bearing Swivel with Coastlock Snap

  • Sunset Rolling Swivel with T-Shape Snap

  • Gerrys Buckets

  • Sunset Rolling Swivel with Hanging Snap

  • Tronixpro Coastlock Snap Swivel – Size 1 99lb (45kg) Pkt10

  • Sunset Rolling Cascade Swivels – Size 6

  • AFW Coastlock Snaps

  • Sunset Rolling Swivels


Fishing swivels are small, metal devices that are designed to prevent fishing line tangles and twists by allowing the line to rotate freely. They consist of two interlocking rings that can rotate independently of each other, creating a flexible connection between the fishing line and the bait or lure. Fishing swivels come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of fishing lines and applications. Some common types of fishing swivels include barrel swivels, crane swivels, and ball-bearing swivels. Barrel swivels are the most basic and economical option, while ball-bearing swivels are more expensive but offer superior performance and durability. Choosing the right fishing swivel depends on the type of fishing you will be doing, the size and strength of your line, and the size and weight of your bait or lure.

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