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    Wychwood Carp Dispatch 7500 Reel

    £62.99 £50.39
  • Wychwood Carp Dispatch 7500 Reel

  • Penn Affinity III Spod 8000 Longcast


Fishing spod reels are used in carp fishing to cast bait accurately and at long distances. These reels are designed to hold much thicker and heavier braided line and can typically hold up to 40 lbs of line. The spod reel features a large spool that can retrieve a lot of line quickly and efficiently, allowing the angler to recast their bait quickly. A spod reel is usually larger than a standard carp reel and can hold more line, and it is ideal for retrieving bait and spod quickly. Many modern spod reels come with a variety of features, including free spool and clutch systems, which allow you to adjust the drag to prevent line breakage or to play a fighting fish. Overall, a spod reel is essential to accurately and efficiently cast bait in carp fishing.

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