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Weclome to the UK’s biggest range of sea fishing rods. We have rods for every style of fishing in the UK and abroad. If you can’t find the exact rod, please ask us using the chat box.

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  • Daiwa Kenzaki Surf 14ft 2′

  • Daiwa Kenzaki Surf 13ft 6′

  • Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait MK2 13ft

  • Century Casting Reducer

  • Century Tip Tornado Graphex Supermatch 13ft 6″

  • Century Fireblade GT 14′ 4-7oz

  • Anyfish Anywhere 6 and Bait MK2 15ft

  • Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rods

  • Century Tip Tornado Super Match 13ft 6 Titanium K Guides

  • Akios Fury FX420 14ft

  • Akios Fury FX 450 15ft 4-8oz

  • Century Tip Tornado Graphex Sport 13ft 11″


Sea fishing rods are an integral part of any fishing enthusiast’s equipment. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, each with their own purpose and specialty. Selecting the right type of sea fishing rod can make or break your fishing trip, particularly since oceanic fishing by its very nature involves a great deal of patience and skill.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a sea fishing rod is the type of activity you’re engaging in. There are various types of sea fishing such as shore fishing or boat fishing. With shore fishing, you’re usually casting closer to the shore, so a shorter, more compact rod that can handle heavier weights is preferred. On the other hand, boat fishing requires longer poles that are more flexible and can handle tougher ocean conditions.

Another crucial factor to consider is the weight and length of the rod. In general, sea fishing rods are heavier, more durable and longer than freshwater fishing rods. This is because they need to withstand much stronger ocean conditions and the fight from large, powerful fish like tarpons, tunas, mahi-mahi and more. A good length for a sea fishing rod would be between six and eight feet.

When it comes to sea fishing rods, there are three basic materials on offer. The most popular type is graphite or carbon fibre fishing rods. This material is lightweight, durable and sensitive, which makes it ideal for both newbie and seasoned fishers. The second type is fibreglass, which is more affordable than carbon fibre and is also quite sturdy. The third type is composite or hybrid rods which offer the best of both materials.

Alongside the material and length, you should also consider the action of the sea fishing rod. Action refers to the flexibility or stiffness of the rod, and it’s mainly based on the type of fish you’re after. A fast action rod is super sensitive, and it provides a motionless high portion with a quick tip. This means you’ll feel even the most delicate strikes when you’re fishing. Smooth action rods give more in the bulky range and provide an excellent chance to have a bendable tip which can handle heavier baits.

Finally, keep in mind that different sea fishing rods come with their own specific features and accessories, which can add to the cost. Some rods come with specialized handles, while others have worm gear reels or stainless steel guides. The key is to choose the features that work best for your style, budget, and your catch type. By making this decision wisely, you will have a fantastic fishing adventure every time you hit the waters.

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