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Fishing in Norway and the best fishing tackle/tips

Norway is a Nordic country in Europe; it covers over 385,207 square kilometres and homes a population of over five million. It shares land borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia and an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean and Barents sea.

Norway’s straight coastal perimeter spans 2,650 kilometres; however, add to this the vast number of fjords, islands, and bays, and the figure rises to over 25,000 kilometres. This incredible coastline is a massive part of Norway’s industry; maritime transport, fish farming, and fishing are all key. The waters around the coastline are rich and diverse, thanks to the Gulf Stream and the Arctic Ocean’s currents and the rigorously enforced fishing regulations. It’s no secret that sea fishing in Norway offers some of the best saltwater action in the world, with giant Cod, Halibut, Haddock and Coalfish, and anglers have been visiting from across the globe for many years.

Whether you’re fishing in and around the fjords’ beautiful calm waters for huge Halibut or out in the open ocean searching for mammoth Cod, you can expect some explosive and hectic sport. Off the coastline of the Northeast of the country, you will find the worlds largest population of Cod. These fish, also known as Skrei, are the biggest globally, and Norway currently holds the world record for a rod and reel caught Cod of over 100lb.

Below we have listed the main destinations for you to choose from.


Norway Boat fishing tips

Norway is blessed with rich marine life, boasting an amazing variety of fish species, particularly cod and halibut. If you’re planning on fishing for these species, you’ll need to follow a few tips to ensure a successful catch. 


To catch cod and halibut from boats in Norway, you’ll need to have the right equipment. You’ll need a good-quality fishing rod and reel, as well as sturdy fishing line that can withstand the weight of the fish. It’s also a good idea to bring along a selection of lures, such as metal jigs, rubber worms, and live bait like squid or herring. 


Once you’re out on the water, it’s important to find the right fishing spot. Both cod and halibut like cold, deep waters, so you’ll usually find them at depths of around 50-150 meters. You can look for rock formations or kelp beds, which often provide shelter and food for these species. Using a fish finder can also help you locate schools of fish underwater. 


When you’ve located a good fishing spot, it’s time to start casting your line. For cod, you can try using a slow, steady jigging motion. Halibut, on the other hand, tend to be more sluggish, so you’ll want to use a bait that looks as natural as possible, such as live bait or a soft plastic lure. It’s important to keep your line taut and watch for any movement, as both these species can be quite stealthy and it can be difficult to feel their bites. With patience, persistence, and some luck, you can catch some of the biggest cod and halibut you’ve ever seen in Norway’s waters.

Shore fishing for Cod Tips.

Another popular method for fishing for cod from the shore in Norway is bait fishing using beach rods. Beach rods are long, heavy rods designed to cast a baited hook out into the water from the beach. They are usually paired with a large spinning reel and a heavy line. This method is particularly effective when fishing in deep water or in areas where currents are strong.

When bait fishing, anglers typically use a circle hook and attach a strip of cut bait, such as herring, to the hook. The bait is then cast out into the water and allowed to sit on the bottom. It is important to keep the line tight to feel for any bites. If a fish takes the bait, the circle hook will set itself so there is no need to set the hook manually.

Overall, there are many ways to fish for cod from the shore in Norway. Whether using a heavy rod and reel with lures or bait fishing with a beach rod, the key is to be patient and persistent. With the right gear and technique, anglers can enjoy a successful and rewarding day of fishing on Norway’s stunning coastline.


Lofoten Islands, Norway

he fantastic destination called Å, located in a small village at the very end of the Lofoten Islands is now world-famous for producing the largest Halibut found in northern Norway. The fantastic sea fishing Norway destination is well-known Moskenesströmmen that happens nearby, one of the strongest maelstroms (where two tides collide). Here the difference between high and low tides vary by almost four meters, and the water can move at up to 6 knots.

One moment you can be fishing in flat calm waters, then when the tides start to collide, you are surrounded by boiling turbulent water. The Coalfish start to feed hard because all of the baitfish get spun around and disorientated, then the Coalfish can take full advantage of this and go on a mass feeding frenzy. You can either choose to surface fish for them or use shallow diving lures. This part of Norway has made a big name for itself with the outstanding Halibut and Coalfish fishing from June onwards. The start of the season is proving to be very good for the mighty Skrei Cod. Commercial boats have landed Skrei Cod well over the magical mark of 88lb. The Skrei Cod from the Barents Sea feed up in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding the Lofoten Islands. With the boats you will be using, it’s only a short trip out to excellent fishing grounds.

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