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Norway Fishing Tackle

We have the largest range of Norway tackle in the UK featuring the the best and and most effective products you need to make you're trip perfect.

Westin Lures

We stock the entire range of Westin lures which account for some of the biggest catches of Cod and Halibut every year which include the new Sandy Andy and the HUGE Big Bob.

Seigler Reels

The Ultimate big fish reel which comes with a life time warranty.

These reel are silky smooth and all made in the USA.


Big Lures for Big Fish?

We absolutely love the feeling of using a lure the size of a fish you would be happy catching in the UK and the first time you will laugh as it dissapears into the depths.

You will continue laughing when the rod bends double with a big Cod on the end.

Need some shiny pirks?

Using Pirks and Jigs to catch predatory fish is nothing new and is still effective as it always has been.

The traditiional Norwegian pirk shape is one of our best sellers but new slimmer speed jigs are becoming more effective and are a must in any tackle box.

Travel Rods?

1 piece, 2 piece or several piece rod?

We have rods suitable for everyone needs but 4 and 5 piece travel boat rods are without doubt the most popular. They are easy to transport yet are still capable of dealing with big fish.



Choosing the correct reel to suit the difficult conditions you are going to be in and matching it up to what you want to spend can be hard.

We offer a wide range of reels which offer strong enough drag pressure to deal with a week's fishing in Norway.

If you are unsure on what will be best for your trip, please get in contact.

More information

No country in the world can offer sea fishing in the same class as Northern Norway. The combinations of the Gulf Stream and Arctic Ocean together with Norway's strict commercial fishing policy have actually created an increase in the big coastal cod and halibut populations! With strict commercial limits Norway leads the way in fisheries management. The coastal cod stocks have shown an increase in recent years.


Big Cod - In spring/early summer big shads produce due to the bigger cod being lazy. As the water warms in the summer the big Cod take the pirks with zest. Drifting over underwater reefs and structures, you can often drift for 30 - 90 minutes at a time find the bait fish and you will find the Cod. You can fish in 30m to 200m deep.

Big Coalfish - Coalfish patrol the mid and upper levels. During the daylight hours of night time in the north they drive the baitfish shoals to the surface. The method is to drop your pirk down into the bait fish and make a fast retrieve, the big coalies smash into the pirk with aggression so a lightly set drag is essential. Use smaller hooks than you would for Cod and pirks generally in the 200g - 250g size. Red/Black and Silver are good colours.

Halibut - They can strike at any time, when winding up small Cod and Coalies or when pirking near the sea bed. If targeting them use a coalie dead bait or a large shad. There are lots of known halibut areas and 200 kilo fish have been landed, with fish exceeding 400 kilos for comercial fisherman. If you hook into something huge that stripes your spool, its usually a monster halibut.


Do not be tempted to fish with heavy 50lb class outfits. This is unnecessary and you will loose fish, as invariably they are far to stiff to use with non strtch braid and tend to rip hooks out. Always ensure all lures are rigged with very strong split rings and swivels, and if targeting big Cod, Coalfish, Ling or Halibut be sure to upgrade your trebles to 10/0 & 12/0's. Slim line Jigs are becoming increasingly effective when fitted with either trebles or assist hooks. Finally makes sure your knots are 100% reliable, especially leader to braid knots, always ensure that the reel clutch is correctly set, otherwise youwill loose fish. 4 piece travel rods are the best rods to use in Norway, which are not only much more conveniant for travel, they reduce your baggage weight.

Chrome, Silver/Green and Silver/Blue are the most effective colours in northern waters. Shads, pirks and jigs all work well.

Very strong swivels and split rings are critical, a number of large fish are lost each season to poor gear. Halibut to 400 pound plus have landed on rod and line. Cod have been caught to 126lb commercially.



The number one sea angling destination in Norway. The catch rates here just get better and better. Huge cod potential in March/April. From May to September the fishing gets better and better as the fjord warms and more food/baitfish move in attracting vast numbers of predators. There's always fish around, early on they shoal up more tightly but as summer progresses the fishing gets better as more fish shoals move in and are more evenly distributed. Here you fish relatively sheltered waters, targeting underwater features around 40 to 70 metres in depth. It's boat drift fishing, covering quite a bit of ground each drift. Big cod are in abundance with doubles and twenties common. 30's and 40's are caught most weeks and there's the chance of much bigger cod. The Halibut fishing is exceptional, usually producing bigger numbers from August onwards but in 2008 the halibut turned up in numbers in April! Lots of species, great fishing reasonably close to the lodge and a great setup with all the facilities of a smalltown close by.

The town has 2 supermarkets, cafes, restaurant and 2 bars. Tackle shop and shops for all your needs. All surrounding a scenic harbour.

In September the big coalfish are around and the halibut and cod fishing is still very good. High summer is May to August with daylight hours at their longest, 24 hours of daylight with the potential to fish right around the clock. The fishing in the daylight hours of nightime is usually the best, a unique experience. The sea generally flattens right out and fish feed on the shallower marks.


Excellent fishing for cod, coalfish, halibut, haddock close to the cottages. Spring time you catch big cod to 40 pounds and big wolffish to 20 pounds plus. Big coalfish 20 to 30 pounders in July through to September. Summer cod fishing is brilliant May to September. Halibut is best July to September. Stunning scenery, great fishing, away from crowds. Boats, come with echo sounders and GPS. 18 foot aluminium with 30hp outboards.

About 2 hours from Troms in the Lyngen Fjord near the junction with the Rotsund Fjord. Beautiful views of the Lyngen Alps, quiet location and great fishing.


Reasonably sheltered fishing for cod, halibut, haddock and coalfish. Your hosts at Lyngen Havfiske will offer advice on what and where to catch and they keep a yearly 'big fish' log. Skippered fishing is available on Lyngen Havfiske's own boat (8 hour trips - max 4 anglers) and for 2009 a larger boat (6 to 10 anglers) will be available for day trips (or even longer trips with full board facilities on the boat).

The nearest shop is 1km away and can be reached on foot or by using your boat. There is a cafe 100m from the cabins which sells a variety of snack meals. A communal barbecue area is available to guests. There is an excellent fish gutting and cleaning facility on site.

Alongside the Nordlenangen fjord in the North West of the Lyngen Peninsula overlooked by the impressive Lyngen Alps. Lyngen Havfiske is 90km from Tromso.

Flight to Tromso then private transfer or car hire by road and short ferry crossing (total transfer time approx. 90 minutes).


This is an excellent area for cod, halibut, coalfish etc. Charter boat fishing with a local guide is available. Especially recommended is guided spring fishing in February and March when the really big migrating cod and large halibut are around. It is possible to book these trips for shorter durations with 4 nights accommodation and 3 days guided fishing. It is possible to hire rods and reels and there is a well equipped tackle shop on site.

The nearest shop is 18km away and Lauklines have a car available for hire for shopping trips (approx. £30 for 3 hours) or taxis can be booked (approx. £60). There are no restaurants or bars at Lauklines but meals can be organised for small groups (pay locally).

Lauklines is situated by the waters edge in Kattfjord on the island of Kvaloya (Whale Island), amid picturesque coastal and mountain scenery and only 35km from Troms.

By private transfers or self-drive car hire. The island of Kvaloya is connected to the mainland by road bridges so ferry transfers are not required. The private transfers take under an hour and include a short stop for shopping. Taxi/transfers can be arranged for additional shopping trips at a modest fee.


Sheltered fishing in Solberfjorden for Cod, Halibut, Coalfish, Redfish and Wolf fish etc. Recent catches have included several cod over 45lb with one at 57lb. Skippered fishing can be aranged. Rod and reels available for hire.

The nearest shops are located in the nearby town of Sorreisa and it is possible to hire the camp minibus to do your shpooing. Alternatively, you can give your hosts a shopping list and they will fetch the goods for you. There is a sauna, solarium and outside hot tub.

Situated in the troms area of northern Norway overlooking Reisfjorder only a 30 minute drive from Bardufoss Airport.

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