Looking for something unique?

You are purchasing one of the world's finest rods so why not customise it to make it perfect for you?

You can change most things on the rod including the whipping colours, rings, reel seats, shrink tube as well as a host of others.

The rod featured is in ATC Holo Nanolite guides, Purple metallic under with a silver middle band. Its over-whipped in black and finished with a Metallic purple & silver edging band. This was whipped by our in house builder, Roger Nowell.

Zziplex Rods

Welcome to the hub of Zziplex rods.

We are the UK's largest supplier of Zziplex rods. Whether you are after a blank, a standard built rod or a completely customised rod worthy of the mantle piece, you are in the right place.

A Traditional Build With A Modern Twist..

Without doubt our best selling build is what we class as our standard build.

It features the red, white and blue colour scheme in the Zziplex logo and we have fitted it with black K style guides,tough shrink tube and a sliding reel seat.


Which Rod Builder?

We are proud to have two rod builders working for us.

Roger Nowell is our in house rod builder and has been building rods for us for aournd 20 years. Most of our standard builds and pictures on our website are his work.

Chris Dance is our second builder who came on board in late 2018 due to customer demand. He is regarded as one of the best builders in the UK and offers a great finish to every rod. His builds generally cost a little more.

Standard Build or Custom?

This is a dilemma for most of our customers as the chance of getting something made unique to you or to match you're reels is too tempting to refuse.

That said our standard build in traditional Zziplex colours looks fantastic and features the most popular components such as modern K style guides and ATC sliding reel seat.

Are they still UK Made?

That's an easy anwser, Yes.

Each blank is hand crafted in a secret cave by fairies, elves and a bit of magic........Well that is what some people would have you believe.

In reality every Zziplex rod is made in the same building down in Kent where it all began decades ago. These days the chief maestro is Lee and is responsible for all the new models since 2014.