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Travel fishing rods aren’t just handy for fishing on holiday they are an ideal choice for any angler who is wanting to save a bit of room in their car or garage.

These days travel rods are more popular as a multi section rod rather than a telescopic rod. This is due to the quality of materials and manufacturing allowing the production of high quality travel fishing rods in several pieces having the same durability and balance as a 2 piece rods.

The most common type of travel rod is without doubt a travel spinning rod as they are a very versatile fishing rod. You can obviously spin with them but also float fish and even bait fish with small weights. This is particularly effective when you are going off on your holidays and a little unsure of what is going to be the best method of fishing.

Our range doesn’t just cover spinning rods, we also have travel beach rods, travel carp rods and travel boat rods.

Travel boat rods is where travel rods have excelled the most. They offer the strength needed to fight large species of fish abroad while retaining similar actions and weights as traditional 2 piece rods.

The other big benefit of picking a rod which breaks into several sections is the ease of transporting it from your house to your fishing venue.  Most rods you need to put in the car from the boot and all the way through to the dash board, with a travel rod you can take it apart and keep it in the smallest of car boots where no one would ever know there was a fishing rod inside.