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Carp fishing is a popular activity in the UK, with many anglers targeting this species throughout the year. One of the key components of a successful carp fishing setup is the terminal tackle. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of terminal tackle that are available for carp fishing in the UK.


Hooks are an essential part of any carp fishing rig, as they are used to hook the fish. There are many types and sizes of hooks available on the market, but the most commonly used carp fishing hooks are curved-shank hooks and long shank hooks.

Curved-shank hooks are designed to increase hook ups and reduce the chance of the hook pulling out of the fish’s mouth. They are particularly effective when using pop-up baits or rigs that require a fast strike.

Long shank hooks, also known as ‘Stiff Rig’ hooks, are perfect for fishing with bottom baits. The extended length of the hook helps to keep the point of the hook away from the bait, making it harder for the carp to detect it. Long shank hooks are also less prone to snagging, which reduces the risk of losing fish.


Carp fishing requires specialist fishing line that is strong enough to handle large fish and withstand the strain of fighting them. The most commonly used fishing line for carp fishing is monofilament.

Monofilament fishing line is made from a single strand of material, usually nylon, and is available in different breaking strains. The breaking strain of the line will depend on the size of the fish being targeted and the type of fishing being undertaken.

Braid is another option for carp fishing line. It is very strong and sensitive, which makes it ideal for casting long distances and detecting bites. However, braid is more visible in the water compared to mono, which can result in lower catch rates.


Swivels are used to attach the mainline to the leader or rig. They are designed to prevent line twist and improve rig efficiency. There are two types of swivels commonly used in carp fishing: barrel swivels and quick-change swivels.

Barrel swivels are cylindrical in shape and allow for the attachment of multiple lines or leaders to the mainline. They are particularly useful for creating rigs that require multiple hookbaits or when fishing in weedy waters or snaggy environments.

Quick-change swivels are designed for easy, quick, and efficient changes between pre-tied rigs. They allow anglers to quickly and easily swap between different setups, without having to reset the entire rig.

Lead Weights

Lead weights are used to add weight to the fishing line, allowing the angler to cast further and to keep the bait on the bottom where carp are most likely to be feeding.

The most commonly used type of carp fishing weight is the ‘inline lead’. The inline lead is designed to sit directly on the fishing line, thereby transmitting bites through the line and enhancing the angler’s ability to detect a bite.

Another popular weight for carp fishing is the ‘lead clip’. Lead clips are ideal for fishing in weedy waters or where the fish are easily spooked. They allow the angler to easily change the weight depending on the conditions and fishing location.


A rig is the connection between the bait and the mainline and is used to present the bait effectively to the carp. There are many types of carp rigs available on the market, but some of the most commonly used rigs include:

– The hair rig
– The chod rig
– The KD rig
– The Ronnie rig

Each of these rigs has its own merits and will be chosen depending on the fishing situation, bait, and location. The hair rig is particularly popular and widely used in UK carp fishing as it provides an effective way of presenting baits, particularly boilies, to carp.


Carp fishing requires specialist terminal tackle, including hooks, fishing line, swivels, lead weights, and rigs. Anglers must choose the right type of tackle depending on the fishing location, conditions and species being targeted. By selecting the correct carp fishing terminal tackle, anglers can increase their chances of a successful fishing trip and improve their chances of catching carp.

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