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Welcome to the home of UK sea fishing.

We have the widest selection of sea fishing tackle anywhere in the UK featuring lots of exclusive products we have designed and picked to help you catch more fish.

Norway Fishing Tackle

We have the largest range of Norway tackle in the UK featuring the the best and and most effective products you need to make you're trip perfect.

Lure Fishing For Bass?

With several of our staff having a bit of an obsession with Bass, we have quite a substantial selection of lures, accessories, rods & reels.

We also have UK exclusives from Daiwa and Penn.


Shore Match Fishing

With keen match anglers visiting our super store and  website all the time, we have increased our range of specialist match tackle.

So if catching 6 metres of fish in 4 hours if your bag.....We have you covered.

Shark Fishing Tackle

With the surge in sharks in UK waters and charter boats running specialist trips to target them it has never been easier to catch yourself a monster without leaving the UK.

Whether you are after a PB Tope, wrangling a Blue shark in or even trying to catch an elusive Mako or Thresher we can help kit you out with the correct gear and also give you some good advice to go with it.

Featured picture - Matt (mail order Manager) with his son and Rob Rennie, skipper of Lady Jue 3.

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Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks

Sakuma 470 Top Gun Hooks Very strong forged offset hook with a short shank, straight eye and a long 'swept in' chemically sharpened point. Perfect for presenting crab and fish baits for species such as smoothounds, Bass, Bream and Wrasse. Features : 10 hooks per Pk Forged offset Hook Super Strong Heavy Wire Gauge Anti…


Sufix Tritanium Mono Neon Gold 1/4lb Spool

Sufix Tritanium Neon Gold 1/4lb Spool High shock strength and a smooth outer surface makes Tritanium ideal when casting with a fixed spool or multiplier reel, The exclusive super bond polymer technology provides abrasion resistance ten times greater than most nylon monofilaments of comparable diameter These 1/4lb spools are perfect for multiple reel fills. A…


Ron Thompson Sea Jig

Ron Thompson Sea Jig These Ron Thompson Sea Jig Lures have been manufactured using the highest grade materials, using innovative designs, they are all fitted with extra strength components to help maximise your catch rate. Each lure has a 3-D holographic eye, Fish Scale pattern and is fitted with a super sharp treble hook. Perfect…


Daiwa Freams LT 4000D-C

Daiwa Fleams LT 4000D-C Spinning Reel The Daiwa Freams LT reels are not just a thing of absolute beauty they are ‘work horses’ and are a real pleasure to use. So why is it so good? Firstly the reel is fully waterproof thanks to Daiwa’s Magseal technology. It has also been fitted with Digigear technology…


Okuma 8K Surf Reel

Okuma 8K Surf Reel Okuma have combined durability and precision wonderfully in the 8K surf reel. The Okuma 8K has been designed and built to stand up to the roughest anglers fishing in severe conditions around the UK coastline. If the look of the 8K doesn't convince you, simply take a look at the specifications….


Daiwa Crossfire Spin 9ft 15-40g

Daiwa Crossfire Spin 9ft 15-40g The Crossfire rods come along with a completely reworked design. Possibly the best 'all rounder' of the range. This model is effectively work surface lures, cast a long way due to the length and still offer the feeling needed to work diving lures. The blank is extraordinary within this price…


Sea Fishing

When sea fishing, whether you are fishing from the shore, a pier, or a boat, you need to ensure that you have the most appropriate fishing tackle. For example, while shorter rods tend to be better suited to pier fishing because of the limited space, longer rods will be required for beach casting to ensure that you can cast out far enough to enable a decent catch. Similarly, the water conditions and the type of fish that you are hoping to lure will determine the types of sea fishing tackle, such as lines and hooks, and the breed of fish that you are angling for will certainly dictate the type of bait you use. Wherever you fish from, sea fishing presents its own unique set of challenges, including the typically harsh and difficult conditions in which you will be fishing.

Having the right fishing accessories, including everything from fishing tackle boxes to waterproof clothing, will help ensure that you have as positive an experience as possible while trying to land a catch.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing relies heavily on being able to cast long distances, and you should choose fishing tackle that enables you to achieve this. Once a shore angler has cast their line, they will usually place it against a rod rest and wait for a catch to tug at the rod. The whole rig needs to be strong and powerful, in order that it doesn't easily break or snap while being used. A need to cast 100m or further from the shore also means that a large rod with a long sea fishing reel is necessary.

A specialist beach caster rod offers a casting distance of up to nearly 200m, although it will take a lot of practice and skill to achieve this kind of distance. At Gerry's Fishing, we not only have beach caster rods but we have a large selection of terminal beach fishing tackle. We can provide bait and, if you are fishing around the Morecambe area, we are happy to discuss possible fishing spots with you too.

Buy heavy duty reels, heavy weights, and strong reels, in order to ensure the strength and suitability of your rig.

Pier Fishing

Pier fishing naturally requires less casting ability and a shorter casting distance. This, combined with the limited availability of space that is usually available, means that you will need a shorter rod. This also means that you will be able to support and catch larger and stronger fish, as long as you buy the fishing tackle to match your pier fishing needs.

Although you will have more direct access to deeper water when fishing from a pier, you still need to clear the pier itself in order to land your line in the depth of water you want. Buy a short rod, strong line, and bait and sea fishing tackle to match the fish you are hunting.

Boat Fishing

Similarly to pier fishing, boat sea fishing does not require the use of a long line. Anglers usually take the boat out into the depth of water that they want to fish, and then cast close to the boat. This means that shorter sea fishing rods may only be 2m in length but this allows for the catching of stronger fish too. You can use longer rods if you wish; choose according to where you are fishing as well as your own personal preference when choosing sea fishing rigs.

If you are looking to make a record sea fishing catch, then at Gerry's of Morecambe we have everything from sturdy boat poles to strong and durable terminal fishing tackle. For the largest fish, you should also buy boat reels.

Bass Fishing

One of the most popular breeds of fish for anglers buying sea fishing tackle in the UK is bass. We are privy to some of the largest and greatest examples. We have one of the best selections of fishing tackle for bass fishing so that you can create the ideal rig setup. We have specialist tackle that is designed solely for the purpose of catching some of our largest shore-based fish breeds.

Other Fishing Accessories

As well as fishing tackle, we also stock a large range of fishing poles and rods, reels, tripods, and rod rests. We have terminal tackle and even specialist shark fishing equipment along with fishing line for any location, any fishing spot, and for catching any type of fish.

We have fishing accessories like shelters and umbrellas along with waterproofs and waders, lighting for night-time sea angling, and luggage and trolleys to help you carry all of your equipment and gear.

Sea Fishing Bait

Bait is one of the most important elements when buying your tackle and fishing gear. At Gerry's of Morecambe, we have a huge selection of bait to choose from, including both frozen bait and fresh sea fishing bait. We have rag worm, black lug, and fresh peeler crab. In terms of the frozen bait that we offer, you can buy and benefit from frozen mackerel, sandeels, razor fish, and mussels.

As well as being able to buy fishing tackle online from Gerry's, we also provide a courier service that ensures you receive the bait while it is as fresh as possible. Alternatively, you can call in to Gerry's of Morecambe, which is close to some good local fishing marks, and you can talk to us about your fishing needs so that we can help you choose the best possible fishing tackle, accessories, and bait.

Buy Fishing Tackle Online From Gerry's Fishing

Gerry's Fishing has a large selection of high quality fishing gear. With cheap sea fishing tackle that is ideal for beginners, and specialist fishing accessories for the seasoned angler, we provide everything that the sea fisherman needs. Browse our website, order in confidence using our secure online ordering system, or call in and discuss your angling ambitions with us so that we can help to make sure that you get the best rig and equipment for your next sea fishing trip.


Choosing the correct reel to suit the difficult conditions you are going to be in and matching it up to what you want to spend can be hard.

We offer a wide range of reels which offer strong enough drag pressure to deal with a week's fishing in Norway.

If you are unsure on what will be best for your trip, please get in contact.