Century Sea Rods

Century have been producing high quality sea rods in the north east of England for several decades and pride themselves on producing some of the finest rods, made with the latest technologies and materials available.

Westin Lures

We stock the entire range of Westin lures which account for some of the biggest catches of Cod and Halibut every year which include the new Sandy Andy and the HUGE Big Bob.

Seigler Reels

The Ultimate big fish reel which comes with a life time warranty.

These reel are silky smooth and all made in the USA.


A Rod For Every Situation.

Century have a very diverse range of rods to suit just about any kind of fishing situation you can find around the UK.

They have boat rods, light estuary rods and then a full range of shore rods to suit every angler in every any situation.

Boat Rods? Oh Yes.....

Century produce a small range of absolutely wonderful boat rods under their Excalibur badge.

The first two rods which were developed were2 powerful wrekcing style rods for Cod in deep water off the UK and Norway.

The 3rd rod is a rod developed for us. Its a 7ft 6" 12-20lb class rod which has so much feel and control while playing a fish, you can't believe unless you use it. Its ideal for inshore fishing catching anything from Flatties to Tope.

Using The Latest Materials

Century are usually at the forefront of technologies in shore rods. A few years ago they were the first to use 3M powerlux technology which took beach rods to another level.

Currently they are the only manufacturer to use the material Graphene in their Graphex rods. This material is sure to revolutionise the rod market in the next few years.

Century Products