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AKIOS is a forward thinking company based in the UK. Developed by anglers for anglers who demand new, innovative and durable fishing tackle.

Quality is of ultimate importance, along with durability and functionality.

Here at Gerry's, we work closely with Akios developing new and exciting products we know our customers will love.

The Reels...

Simon is the man behind Akios and the man who designed them all.

He started off with 25 years of running Abu reels in the UK and when opportunity came, he decided to make his own reels under his own design.

It's safe to say he's improved casting reel performance considerably for everyone.

As the demands of the modern angler change, his design focus has moved a little more from Multipliers onto Fixed spools and they are turning heads all around the world.

Fixed Spools


The Rods...

With the help of a huge band of high quality anglers from different back grounds and fishing situations, the development of Akios' rod range was never in doubt.

Each rod has been purposely designed for a specific type of fishing whether it's a continental style, soft tipped beach caster or a specialist uptide rod for boat work.