AKIOS is a forward thinking company based in the UK. Developed by anglers for anglers who demand new, innovative and durable fishing tackle.

Quality is of ultimate importance, along with durability and functionality.

Here at Gerry’s, we work closely with Akios developing new and exciting products we know our customers will love.

Akios Nano-Tech Uptide

Akios Nano-Tech Uptide 9’6″ 4-8oz The Akios Nano-Tech Sport Uptide Rod is a slim and light weight uptide rod which allows you to get maximum

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Akios Tourno Mag 666 MM3

Akios Tourno Mag 666 MM3 A beautiful piece of engineering verging on being called a masterpiece. The Tourno Mag series will outperform just about any

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Akios Black Carbon Cap

100% hardwearing black cotton twill with embroidered AKIOS logos front and back. 100% hardwearing cotton twill with textured cross weave Embroidered AKIOS logo Red piping Velcro

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Akios Momentum SLR 425

Akios Momentum SLR 425 The Akios MOMENTUM SLR is a new breed of ultra-lightweight match rods of the very finest quality from AKIOS. Weighing in

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Akios Spool Bands

Akios Spool Bands Designed to fit onto a wide range of akios spools or other long cast fixed spool reels. keep your mainline, leader, and

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Akios Finger Stall

Akios finger stall  Protects your index finger from damage, allowing you to put more power into a cast to achieve greater distance, a must-have for

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Akios Rod Wraps

Akios Rod Wraps  Durable , neoprene design features a slot for easy location over a rod guide making it simple to wrap securely around the

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