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  • YGK G-Soul DFC 100% Flurocarbon Leader 30m

  • YGK Real Sports X8 Braid Green 150m

  • YGK Bornrush WX8 Rubber Coated Braid 200m

  • YGK Castman WX8 Multicoloured Braid 300m

  • YGK G-Soul WX4 Ohdragon Braid 150m

  • YGK Frontier X8 Multicoloured Braid For Jigging 200m

  • YGK Shock Leader M170

  • YGK Nitlon DFC Fluorocarbon

  • YGK Castman WX8 Multicoloured Braid 200m

  • YGK Galis Scrum 16 Assist Line Blue 5m

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