Wychwood Game ET Fly Lines, Ghost Intermediate


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The Energy taper series of fly lines is the next chapter in the growing Connect Series. All the lines follow a similar profile, with a prominent front taper and short rear, it’s designed to allow most rods to load effectively and quickly.

Dual colours, effectively show angler’s when the belly is out of the tip ring and the rod loaded, ready for the final forward cast. These lines feature a full 40-yard length!

  • Technical specification, 40 yard Energy Taper fast intermediate fly line, 1.75 ips
  • Long front taper and short rear taper, designed with distance casting in mind
  • Dual colourway assists with rod loading accuracy and distance casting
  • Super-slick coating
  • Sizes: 6-wt, 7-wt, 8-wt


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