Korda Dark Matter Leader Ring Swivel


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Korda Safe Zone Leaders

Make no mistake the rig you are using at this very moment can be seen by the carp and the brighter the sun and the clearer the water the more it stands out. Fortunately, competitive feeding and being lucky enough for the rig to lay right every now and again does lead to captures. However, don’t kid yourself your rigs ability to blend into its background will affect your run rate. I have seen that the less they feel they are being fished for the more bites you will get. This totally unique experience has shown me that if we can create a `Safe Zone` around the hook bait then we will get more bites. This is why Korda is the only company selling several different colours of all their rig items so that you have the option of matching your rig to the lake bed it will be resting on. So how do we know the new Safezone leaders really do blend in? Because they actually took samples of the different types of the lake bed and sent them to the manufacturers so they could colour match to some actual Silk Weed Gravel Silt and Clay. To you and I, the colours may not look right but simply drop them in on the type of lake bed we say they are suited to and watch them disappear.

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