Korda Spod Braid


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Korda Spod Braid

This braid casts superbly well, thanks to its low diameter, allowing you
to bait spots right at the limit of your casting ability. You’ll notice
that it has a rather unusual fluoro green colour, which helps to deter
seagulls when baiting up with a throwing stick or floater fishing. Gulls
just won’t swoop down when the hi-viz line is snaking out across your

It is hard-wearing and has high knot strength, which is key when you
consider just how much punishment that your spod setup is subject to
over the course of a year. There are 300m on each spool, so you’ll be
able to spool up more than once, as long as you back your spool up.

We recommend that you use a 30lb Arma-Kord shock leader to take the
force of the cast; you can attach this using a back-to-back grinner knot.

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