Sticky Baits Manilla Dumbell Wafters


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Sticky Baits Manilla Dumbell Wafters

Designed to replicate our popular Manilla Boilies, these dumbell-shaped
hookbaits will slowly sink under the weight of the hook.

For anyone unfamiliar with the principal, Manilla Dumbell Wafters
perfectly counteract the weight of your rig, leaving a critically
balanced bait that will fool even the wariest of carp.

You may note they come in a slightly lighter colour than the bottom
baits but this is no accident, once the bottom baits have been immersed
in water they will match the wafters perfectly. If you wish to increase
attraction further still, then our Manilla Bait Glug is available,
making a combo we think is irresistible to any carp. Great as singles or
fished over any of our Manilla products.

Supplied in 130g tubs.

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