Sticky Baits Manilla Paste


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Sticky Baits Manilla Paste

This all-year-round Manila paste utilises a peanut protein exclusively
available to sticky baits and never before used within the bait
industry. If you have ever used peanuts before, we’re sure you’ll be
aware of just how addictive carp find them, however due to the high fat
content it has previously only been possible to use them in small
quantities – not any more! This revolutionary ingredient has been
partially defatted leaving an end product that carp not only find
irresistible but also ticks all the right nutritional boxes.

As with all sticky baits, the secret to Manilla Paste lies within more
than one ingredient, so the rest of the mix is made up of a complex
combination of blended milk proteins and bird foods with an exceptional
track record. The instant attraction, and the namesake of the range,
comes from a completely natural, pure Madagascan vanilla extract that
will not only Utilising only the finest ingredients, it results in a
sweet, creamy paste with a potent aroma. The addition of a natural
preservative at the optimum level pro-longs the life of this bait for
the angler’s convenience.

This pastes quick breakdown time and fast dispersion of its attractors,
ensures maximum fish pulling power. Although this product is designed to
wrap around our Manilla hookbaits the Manilla Paste has a multitude of
other applications, whether carp, chub, tench, bream, barbel or roach
are your target

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