Korda Kurv Shank Hooks


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Korda Kurv Shank Hooks

Carp find this pattern very tricky to eject due to its curved shank,
which drives into their bottom lip. It always flips when sucked in and
there is no need to add any shrink tubing due to its in-turned eye.

It can be used with a variety of presentations such as the blowback, KD
rig and many more. The point is very sharp and it is reliable and
strong. A firm favourite among some of the best carp anglers in the

This hook pattern is also a fantastic addition to the Mutli Rig. Rather
than using a Choddy Hook, you can incorporate a Kurv Shank. Due to the
way that the rig is designed the Kurv will sit like a claw and whichever
way the carp sucks in the hook bait, the point will be facing down ready
to grab the bottom lip. A revolutionary design!

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