Fox Edges High Risers Tub


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Product Description

Fox Edges High Risers Tub

  • Water-soluble foam nuggets 
  • Used to create tangle free presentation 
  • Suspends hook above bottom debris after your cast
  • Dissolves shortly after touch down releasing the hook bait to gently rest on the lake/river bed
  • Biodegradable & fish friendly
  • High Visual “unnatural” blue colour so there is no mistaking the foam when it rises to the surface
  • Foam is attached to your rig by licking and folding around the hook, covering the point
  • The foam, when moist will adhere to itself
  • Can also be used in conjunction with Fox Adjustable Zig Float

Top Tip: Once you have cast and the foam has risen to the surface, use it as a sight marker to accurately bait up around your rig


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