Fox Edges Zig Float Kit


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Fox Edges Zig Float Kit

– New fluted design for increased casting stability

– Resistance cavities aid hooking properties

– Finished in Trans Khaki colouration

– Shaped to accommodate the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring to ensure the
lead hangs flush to the float

– Supplied with a boom that incorporates an Edges Angled Drop Off Run
Ring at one end and an Edges Heli Drop Off Bead at the other

– The unique design of the boom means you can choose to eject the lead
(without losing boom) or keep the lead depending on how much weed is

– Angled Drop Off Run Ring enables you to swap between using a boom and
not using a boom without having to cut the line and re-tie the set-u

– Also features unique anti-tangle cavity, into which you can place a
small piece of rolled up dissolving foam, which you can then nick your
hook into – this will help to reduce the chances of your hooklink
tangling on the cast and as the float rises through the water

– Supplied with a ball bearing swivel to reduce hooklength twist

– Also supplied with Trans Khaki Short Anti-Tangle Sleeve

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