Korda Flexi Ring Swivels


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Korda Flexi Ring Swivel

A tiny ring swivel was needed to complete the range and is ideal for
creating a hinge in a stiff pop-up rig made famous by the great Terrence
Hearn himself. That rig is regarded by many as a big fish rig and is
usually fished as a single bait or over small amounts of offerings.We
would couple it with our own Wide Gape pattern of hook and one of our
small rig rings. Once the short stiff pop-up section is tied we
recommend you pull it very tightly over the steam to take the angle out
of the stiff material as it leaves the inside of the eye of the hook.This
steaming makes that last section much straighter and the hook will then
stand more upright ready for action. In more recent years the small ring
swivels have been used on a new Rotary rig where the ring swivel is tied
via the ring to end of the hook link. The point of a longshank hook is
then slid through the eye of the swivel at the other end. The hook bait
is usually sliding on a small rig ring between two float stops – the top
one on the bend of the hook the bottom one half way down the shank.
Fished in conjunction with a pop-up this rig is said to be almost
impossible to eject and big fish men like Dave Lane have used it to
great success.

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