Drennan Loaded Glow Tip Carp Insert Waggler


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Product Description

Glow Tip Carp Wagglers feature our transparent Crystal®-style construction with a 6.6mm diameter straight tube in a light brown tint to preserve the Glow Tip effect.

They cast long and straight and have interchangeable, size-engraved bomb weights, which means you can swap to a lighter bomb from another float and put more shot down the line if necessary. A slightly longer stem below the bomb weight also allows a secure grip with a silicone or swivel float attachment.

Drennan Crystal® floats and interchangeable Combo Tips have been made by the company since the mid-1980s. They are a bit like angler’s Lego, enabling the angler to make alterations to a float according to the conditions. Ensuring that a float from today’s tip fits a tip from years ago takes the strictest manufacturing production controls in our plastics processing plant. We believe the difference in the quality of build is obvious to discerning anglers.


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