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  • Sidewinder Skerries Sand Eel

  • Sidewinder Solid Shads

  • Sidewinder SwitchBlade Allochromatic

  • Sidewinder Loki Slow Pitch Jig 200g

  • Sidewinder Super Holo Shads 5″ 43gm

  • Sidewinder i-Lights

  • Sidewinder Thor Slow Pitch Jig 100g

  • Sidewinder Super Shads Cod Squad 4″


Sidewinder Lures is a UK-based company that produces high-quality soft lures designed for saltwater fishing. The brand has built a reputation for designing and producing some of the most realistic and effective lures on the market. In this discussion, we will delve into some of the key products offered by Sidewinder Lures and how they can benefit your next fishing trip.

Soft Lures

Sidewinder Lures produces a range of soft lures designed to mimic the natural motion and appearance of prey, including sandeels, mackerels, and squid. The brand’s range of lures is designed to be fished using a range of techniques, from shallow water jigging to slow retreives. The lures are constructed with high-quality materials and have a realistic texture that mimics natural prey. These factors make it possible for anglers to attract fish of various species, including bass, pollock, cod, and coalfish.

Jig Heads

Jig heads are an essential component of any angler’s tackle box, and Sidewinder Lures produces a range of high-quality jig heads that complement their soft lures perfectly. The jig heads are designed to deliver a natural motion to the lure, making it attractive to fish of all kinds. The brand’s range of jigs features a variety of weights and hook sizes, making it possible to choose the ideal jig for your specific fishing conditions.


Sidewinder Lures offers a range of hooks designed specifically for use with their soft lures. The hooks are sharp, strong, and feature a durable finish that protects them from corrosion. The hooks feature a chemically sharpened point that makes them highly effective at setting the hook and keeping it secure. Additionally, the brand’s range of hooks features a range of sizes that allow anglers to match the hook to the size of the lure and the target fish species.

Tackle Boxes

When it comes to storing and transporting your lures and tackle, a high-quality tackle box is essential. Sidewinder Lures offers a range of tackle boxes designed to suit the needs of anglers of all levels of experience. Their boxes feature a range of compartments and dividers that allow users to organize their tackle effectively. The tackle boxes are also water-resistant, ensuring that your tackle remains dry and protected, even in wet conditions.


Overall, Sidewinder Lures is a brand that offers high-quality, realistic and effective lures for saltwater fishing. The brand’s range includes soft lures, jig heads, hooks, and tackle boxes, all designed to help anglers achieve the perfect setup for their specific fishing conditions. The lures are crafted from high-quality materials, and their realistic texture and motion make them irresistible to fish of all kinds. When you invest in Sidewinder Lures products, you can be sure that you are investing in quality, reliability, and effectiveness, giving you the edge you need to succeed on your next saltwater fishing trip.

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