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  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Chrome Bar Pirk

  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Pulley Pennel Rigs

  • Sale!

    Tronix Baitex Latex Elastic 300M

  • Sale!

    Tronix Bait Capsule Leads

  • Sale!

    Tronix Rolling Swivel

  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Pulley Rig

  • Sale!

    TronixPro Baitex Tube Bait Elastic 250m

  • Sale!

    Tronix Rolling Swivel Coastlock Snap

  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Blaze MultiPlier Mono

  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Luminous Tubing 1m

  • Sale!

    Tronix Rolling Swivels With Hanging Snap

  • Sale!

    Tronixpro Fillet Knife


Tronix is a leading fishing tackle brand that has been providing quality fishing equipment to anglers in the UK for over 20 years. Their product range caters to different types of fishing, including sea fishing, freshwater fishing, and more. Tronix has built its reputation around providing quality tackle at affordable prices, making it the go-to brand for anglers seeking dependable tackle. In this discussion, we will delve into the world of Tronix and explore how they have built their reputation around providing quality fishing tackle to UK anglers.

Sea Fishing

Tronix specializes in sea fishing tackle and has a vast range of sea fishing equipment designed with the harsh saltwater environment in mind. Their range includes sea rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle such as hooks and rigs, and accessories such as bags and boxes. Tronix’s sea rods range includes the ICON Surf Reel, a dependable rod ideal for anglers new to sea fishing, and higher-end options like the QUEST range, which is lightweight, built for distance, and designed to cope with maximum casting strength. Tronix’s sea fishing reels include the ENVY reels and the ENVOY multipliers, which are perfect for both boat and shore fishing.

Freshwater Fishing

Tronix offers a range of freshwater fishing equipment that caters to different types of fishing, including coarse, match, and predator fishing. Their range of products includes rods, reels, terminal tackle, and accessories. The MATCHPRO Match & Feeder rod range is perfect for newcomers to match fishing, while the ICONic Predator range is perfect for anglers looking to target species like Pike and Perch. The Icon2 and Icon Midders are great options for those looking for a reliable and affordable coarse fishing reel.


Tronix’s range of sea lures has been tried and tested by anglers throughout the UK. Their range includes a variety of options for different sea fishing situations, including shore fishing and boat fishing. Their sea lures range includes jigs, metal lures, soft lures, and accessories designed to catch popular saltwater species such as cod, bass, pollock, and mackerel. Tronix’s freshwater lure range includes a range of classic and modern styles for species such as pike, perch, trout, and salmon.

Terminal Tackle

Tronix also offers a range of terminal tackle designed specifically for sea fishing, including hooks, rigs, and lines. Their terminal tackle is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh saltwater environment. Their range includes an option for every fishing situation, from light rock fishing to heavy boat fishing. Their freshwater terminal tackle range includes hooks, lines, and accessories designed specifically for match fishing, coarse fishing, and predator fishing.


Tronix produces a wide range of accessories suited to different types of fishing styles, including tackle boxes, rig wallets, rod bags, and more. Their accessories are designed to be functional, practical, and affordable, making them an ideal choice for anglers seeking dependable equipment.

In conclusion, Tronix is a trusted brand for UK anglers seeking quality fishing tackle at an affordable price. Their range of products caters to different types of fishing, offering dependable rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle and accessories. With a strong focus on sea fishing tackle, Tronix has managed to establish itself as a reliable and affordable brand for anglers across the UK.

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