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  • Nash Moonshine Lights

  • Nash ZT Dog Coat

  • Nash Lightweight Wellies

  • Nash X Series Carp Rods

  • Nash ZT Snood Hoody

  • Nash ZT Jogging Bottoms

  • Nash Tackle Hoody Green

  • Nash ZT Polar Fleece

  • Nash Waterproof Jacket

  • Nash Bullet Mono Green 3000m

  • Nash T-Shirt Green

  • Nash Tackle Joggers Green


Nash is a brand that has been providing a range of quality carp fishing tackle to anglers for over 20 years. The company has built a strong reputation for manufacturing innovative and durable carp fishing tackle. Their products are specifically designed to cater to carp anglers’ needs and have been tested and trusted by anglers globally. This discussion focuses on the products offered by Nash for carp fishing in the UK.

Carp Fishing in the UK

Carp fishing has become increasingly popular in the UK, and anglers seek quality carp fishing gear to enhance their experiences. Nash has a diverse range of tackle for carp fishing that offers durability and functionality.


Nash offers an excellent range of carp rods designed specifically for the UK’s carp fishing conditions. Their range includes the Scope range, which is designed for those looking for maneuverable and lightweight rods to fish tight swims and smaller water. While the Nash Scope Abbreviated range offers a compact design suitable for a range of carp fishing situations. Nash also offers a range of carp rods with different lengths, action and test curves, meeting the specific needs of carp anglers.


Nash offers a range of reels that can handle the large and fighting Carp. They focus on quality and functionality, ensuring carp anglers have a smooth, comfortable, and efficient experience when using their products. They offer two main range of carp reels, the top-of-the-line BP-12 FastDR Reel and BP-10 FastDR Reel. The BP-12 provides 4.9:1 high speed retrieve and excellent casting capabilities, while the BP-10 also with excellent speed retrieve provides a more affordable option that still meets high standards.

Bivvies and Shelters

Nash offers a range of bivvies and shelters that are designed to cater to different carp fishing situations. Their range includes the popular Titan range, known for its strength and durability. These products are suitable for anglers fishing in different weather conditions in the UK.


Carp anglers require adequate and durable luggage to transport their carp fishing gear efficiently. Nash offers a vast range of luggage options, including bivvy luggage, carryalls, and bait bags to meet the needs of carp anglers. The range comes in different sizes and designs, with many compartments and pockets to accommodate storage needs for different gear.

Terminal Tackle

Nash offers a wide range of terminal tackle for carp fishing, including hooks, rigs, and swivels. They offer a range of hook designs such as Fang X, which offers high penetration rates and is known for being insurance against hook pulls. Nash’s rigs are also designed to offer optimum presentation in different UK carp fishing conditions. Nash also offers a range of swivels that have been tested to ensure durability and functionality to cater to carp angler’s needs.


Carp fishing has become an increasingly popular sport in the UK, and Nash has been at the forefront of providing innovative and durable carp fishing tackle. Their products are designed with carp anglers’ specific needs in mind, delivering durability, functionality and meeting high standards of quality. From their range of carp rods, reels, bivvies, luggage, and terminal tackle, Nash offers carp anglers viable options that cater to their unique needs. With many years of experience catering to the needs of carp anglers in the UK, Nash has built a reputable brand that most anglers trust when looking for top-quality carp fishing gear.

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