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  • Frenzee FXT Pellet Wallets

  • Frenzee FXT EVA Bait Tray inc Bait Tubs

  • Frenzee FXT Hoody

  • Frenzee FXT Roller & Accessory Bag

  • Frenzee FXT 25L Groundbait Bucket & Riddle Set

  • Frenzee FXT EVA Net Bag

  • Frenzee FXT EVA Zipped Groundbait Bowl

  • Frenzee FXT EVA Maxi Case

  • Frenzee FXT Pellet Wetters

  • Frenzee FXT Rod Ready Holdall

  • Frenzee FXT Feeder Rods

  • Frenzee FXT EVA Cool Bag


Frenzee is a UK-based company that produces high-quality fishing tackle and accessories. The brand has quickly built a reputation for its innovative approach to tackle development, designing and producing products that are tailored to the needs and wants of modern anglers. In this discussion, we will delve into some of the key products offered by Frenzee, and how they can benefit your next fishing trip.


Frenzee offers a range of high-quality fishing poles suitable for both experienced and novice anglers. Their commercial-grade poles, like the FXT Match+, is a great example of quality pole, featuring a high-strength carbon fiber construction, making it lightweight and easy to handle while also being very robust. Additionally, their Carp Elite pole, designed for targeting large carp, features a unique mandrel construction that offers excellent strength and durability.


Frenzee is also well known for its range of high-quality fishing hooks, which come in various sizes and styles. Their Pole Hooks range includes hooks designed for commercial fisheries, with sizes ranging from 10 to 24, each featuring a unique pattern intended to provide maximum strength, reliability, and penetration. Additionally, their commercial feeder range of hooks is designed to be used with fine diameter line and is made using high-grade carbon wire to ensure that they are thin, strong, and sharp enough to penetrate the tough-mouthed fish.


Frenzee’s range of fishing rods is designed to cater to different fishing styles and conditions. Their MatchPro range of rods is particularly popular among anglers, offering a range of different lengths, test curves, and actions, making it easy to find the perfect rod for your individual needs. Their commercial carp range of rods is also popular, offering a range of rods designed to cope with the challenges of commercial fisheries.


Frenzee produces a range of accessories designed to make fishing more efficient and effective, including landing nets, rod supports, and seatboxes. Their KB Range of landing nets is particularly noteworthy, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, and a unique handle system that offers improved grip and control. Additionally, their range of seatboxes is one of the most comprehensive on the market, providing anglers with a comfortable and practical base while fishing.


Frenzee offers a range of luggage designed to transport and store your fishing tackle effectively. Their range includes items like rod bags, rod sleeves, tackle boxes, and rig wallets, all designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Their FXT Precision luggage, for example, features a hard shell case designed to protect your rods in transit while their Pole Pots range is an excellent option for storing your bait and accessories when fishing.


Frenzee is a brand that has quickly built a reputation for producing high-quality fishing tackle and accessories tailored to the needs of modern anglers. Their range includes poles, hooks, rods, accessories, and luggage, all designed with durability, efficiency, and effectiveness in mind. Investing in Frenzee products means investing in quality, reliability, and performance, giving you the confidence to fish knowing that you have the best tackle available on the market.

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