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  • Korda Ring Klip Hooklink Clip

  • Korda Compac Weigh Staff

  • Korda Thermakore Pillow

  • Korda Goo Tropical Supreme 115ml

  • Korda Goo Pango Supreme 115ml

  • Korda Longshanked Beaked Micro Barbed Hooks

  • Korda Leadcore Leader QC Swivel 50cm

  • Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Hybrid Lead Clip 50cm

  • Korda Goo Liquids

  • Korda Silicone Tubing Small Weedy Green

  • Korda Hybrid Lead Clip Silt 8 pack

  • Korda Bait Screw Swivel Large


Korda is a UK-based company that specializes in producing high-quality carp fishing tackle. The brand has become a household name among UK anglers due to their high-performance products designed to meet the unique needs of carp anglers. In this discussion, we will delve into the world of Korda and how they have built their reputation as a leading tackle provider in the carp fishing industry.

Carp fishing in the UK

Carp fishing in the UK is a popular sport that requires the right gear for a successful day on the water. Carp anglers typically fish in different water conditions and need tackle that can withstand the harsh UK weather. Korda offers a comprehensive range of carp fishing products that cater to different carp fishing situations, including carp angling at different depths and diverse carp species.

Terminal Tackle

Korda’s terminal tackle range is designed to provide excellent performance on the water. Their range of terminal tackle includes hooks, swivels, and leads made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. Korda produces advanced and innovative products, such as the Wide Gape X hook, which is perfect for pop-up rigs and helps the anglers catch carp more comfortably.


Korda offers a vast range of rigs suitable for different carp fishing situations in the UK. Their range of rigs includes pop-up rigs, chod rigs, bottom bait-rigs, and much more. They have pre-tied and ready-to-use rig options available for ease of use for those who want the convenience of a finished setup.


Korda carp fishing luggage range includes backpacks, holdalls, and carryalls that come with different compartment and pocket sizes, providing carp anglers with a suitable storage option for different types of gear. The luggage range is designed with durability in mind, so carp anglers can transport their tackle easily and efficiently.


Korda’s rod range includes various test curves making them suitable for different carp fishing situations in the UK. They use high-quality materials in the construction, ensuring the rods’ durability and sensitivity, making the angling experience more fun.


Korda produces top-quality carp reels suitable for carp fishing in the UK. Their range of carp reels is designed to complement their rod range, providing the balance, strength, and casting distance required by carp anglers.


Korda’s philosophy is centered on providing carp anglers with the best carp fishing tackle on the market that delivers reliability, durability, and efficiency in their products. The brand has a reputation for producing innovative products tailored to carp anglers’ specific needs and preferences. Korda’s terminal tackle, rigs, rods, reels, and luggage are of high quality, providing a complete range of carp fishing tackle solutions for UK carp anglers. In conclusion, Korda is a brand that UK carp anglers can trust to provide quality carp fishing tackle that caters to their specific needs, enabling them to catch more carp with ease and enjoy a fun and rewarding day on the water.

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