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  • Sale! Shimano Buls Eye 9120 Fixed Spool

    Shimano Bullseye 9120 Fixed Spool

    Original price was: £399.99.Current price is: £379.99.
  • Sale!

    Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000 RB

    Original price was: £72.99.Current price is: £64.99.
  • Sale!

    Shimano Coltsniper Rock Walk 110F – 11cm 23g

  • Sale!

    Shimano Purist BX-3 Barbel Rods

  • Sale!

    Shimano Sahara 2500SHG

    £72.99 £65.69
  • Sale!

    Shimano Aero BB C5000 Reel

    £69.99 £55.99
  • Sale!

    Shimano Baitrunner XT 10000 RB

    Original price was: £148.99.Current price is: £114.99.
  • Sale!

    Shimano Tiagra Hyper Troll IGFA Line 1000m -Clear Blue

  • Sale!

    Shimano Sahara FJ C3000 HG Reel

    £72.99 £65.69
  • Sale!

    Shimano Tactical Carp Cradle

    £116.99 £105.29
  • Sale! Placeholder

    Shimano Sardine Waver

  • Sale!

    Shimano Sedona AS


Shimano is a brand that has been providing top-quality fishing tackle to anglers for over a century. They offer a vast selection of fishing tackle for different types of fishing, including freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing. Shimano’s products are known worldwide for their durability, reliability, and efficiency. In this discussion, we will delve deeper into the world of Shimano fishing tackle, focusing on freshwater fishing in the UK.

Freshwater Fishing

Shimano fishing tackle offers a wide range of products for freshwater fishing in the UK. Their products include rods, reels, and other fishing equipment designed to cater to anglers’ needs.


Shimano has a broad range of fishing rods designed for different types of freshwater fishing. Their popular freshwater range is the Forcemaster BX range. These rods are built using high-quality materials and offer excellent sensitivity while remaining lightweight and extremely strong. The Forcemaster BX rods are designed for different freshwater species, with varying lengths and test curves.


Shimano reels are known worldwide for their quality and efficiency. Their freshwater reels are designed to handle the unique challenges of freshwater fishing. Their popular freshwater range, the Stradic CI4+, provides anglers with reliable, strong, and efficient reels. These reels are equipped with Shimano’s latest technology, including their X-Ship technology, which allows for smoother and more efficient gear engagement.


Shimano offers various lures for freshwater fishing, including soft and hard body lures that attract fish such as trout, perch, and pike. The range includes lures in various shapes, sizes, and colors, each designed to mimic the prey of different freshwater species. Shimano’s popular freshwater bait range is the Soare range.


A reliable and high-quality fishing line is essential for freshwater fishing. Shimano offers a range of fishing lines designed for freshwater fishing, including monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. The PowerPro range is a popular choice amongst anglers. It offers a wide range of test strengths, making it suitable for different species and fishing techniques.


Shimano offers a range of accessories designed to make freshwater fishing more efficient and enjoyable. They offer landing nets, tackle bags, and other products designed to make it easier to organize and transport your gear. Their range of accessories includes products, such as pliers, hooks, and fishing scissors.


Shimano is a renowned brand in the fishing industry, known worldwide for its top-quality fishing gear. Their freshwater range offers anglers a range of products designed to cater to their needs. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting, Shimano has something that can meet your needs. The brand is dedicated to providing anglers with highly efficient products that cater to their specific needs. Shimano has earned a reputation as one of the best fishing tackle brands available, and their focus on quality and innovation is why many anglers trust their products, making them the go-to brand for serious anglers in the UK.

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