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  • Shakespeare Firebird 7ft Boat Combo 20-30lb LH

  • Shakespeare Salt Boat 7ft 2pc

  • Shakespeare Salt Boat 7ft 2pc

  • Shakespeare Salt Rucksack

  • Shakespeare SALT XT Spinning Rods

  • Shakespeare SALT Tripod

  • Shakespeare Superteam Sc-2 Bomb 9ft 30g

  • Shakespeare Klip Lok Bait Box

  • Shakespeare Seatbox Strap Padded

  • Shakespeare Oracle 2 Exp Salmon Rods

  • Shakespeare Solitude Specimen Rods

  • Shakespeare Firebird 6M Pole


Shakespeare is a UK-based fishing tackle brand that has been providing anglers with high-quality and affordable tackle since 1897. With a strong focus on innovation, Shakespeare has developed a wide range of fishing gear that caters to anglers of all levels and interests. From beginners to seasoned anglers, Shakespeare provides quality tackle and accessories that make the fishing experience enjoyable and successful. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at Shakespeare’s fishing tackle and accessories, including their range of rods, reels, nets, luggage, and accessories.


Shakespeare offers an extensive range of fishing rods, suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing techniques. Their rod range includes spinning rods, fly rods, carp rods, and feeder rods that are made with high-quality materials to offer anglers exceptional performance and control on the water. Their spinning rods, like the Agility 2 rods, are renowned for their speed, sensitivity ad accuracy, making them ideal for targeting a wide range of species. Additionally, their carp rods, like the Sigma Supra range, provide anglers with power and strength needed to handle big carp.


Shakespeare’s range of fishing reels cater to different fishing techniques and styles and offer exceptional precision, performance, and reliability. Their reels range from spinning reels, baitcasting reels to fly reels that are easy to use, letting anglers fish with confidence. Their spinning reels, such as the Agility 2 Reel, are lightweight and compact, perfect for long, comfortable fishing sessions. For baitcasting enthusiasts, the Sigma Supra baitcasting reel offers smooth performance and easily casts large baits.


Shakespeare’s net range includes a variety of landing nets, keepnets, and bait nets that cater to different fishing techniques and species. Their net range includes products like the Sigma Supra Progressive Mesh nets, which are designed to reduce stress on fish, making them ideal for catch and release enthusiasts. Additionally, their range of keepnets like the Agility 2 Match keepnet is perfect for anglers who want to keep their catch alive while fishing.


Shakespeare’s luggage range includes a variety of backpacks, rod holdalls, and carryalls that are stylish and practical. Their luggage offers ample storage space while keeping tackle organized and safe during transportation. Shakespeare’s luggage range includes products like the Agility 2 Expediton Holdall, which is perfect for anglers who need to carry large amounts of gear and tackle, and the Sigma Outboard Rod/Reel/Accessory Bag, which is ideal for anglers who always on the move.


Shakespeare’s accessories range includes a wide range of products, from hooks, lines, and sinkers to rigs and connectors. Their range of terminal tackle includes products like the Sigma Supra Feeder Rigs, which are made with high-quality materials and designed to be sensitive and accurate. Additionally, their range of hooks like the Sigma Supra Match Hooks provides anglers with sharp and reliable hooks that make hooking fish more comfortable.

In conclusion, Shakespeare’s fishing tackle and accessories cater to anglers of all levels and interests. With their extensive range of fishing gear, including rods, reels, nets, luggage, and accessories, anglers can enjoy fishing with confidence, comfort, and precision. Shakespeare’s commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability has made them one of the most popular and trusted fishing tackle brands in the UK.

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