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  • Penn 525 Mag 4

  • Penn Surfblaster III 8000 LCEU

  • Penn Spinfisher SSVI 7500 Longcast

  • Penn Fathom II 15 SD Mag

  • Penn Surfblaster III 7000 LCEU

  • Penn Fathom II 12 SD Mag

  • Sale!

    Penn Prevail Surf Rods

  • Penn Reel Case

  • Sale!

    Penn Prevail SW Spin Rods

  • PENN Wrath Surfcast 14ft 170g

  • Penn Spinfisher SSVI 6500 Longcast

  • PENN Wrath Surfcasting Combo 14ft 6oz/170g

  • Penn Battle III 3000 Spinning Reel

  • PENN Overseas XT Inshore Rods

  • Penn Clash II 3000HS Spinning Reel

  • Penn Battle III 8000 LCEU


Penn fishing tackle – a history.

Since Otto Henze founded the PENN Fishing Tackle Company in 1932, we’ve been at the forefront of modern reel design and production. We pride ourselves on the fact that millions of experienced anglers around the world put their faith in PENN products every day. That’s what inspires us to continue our founder’s dream of manufacturing the world’s highest quality fishing tackle.


  • In 1922, Otto Henze left Germany at age 25 and came to the United States.
  • He began working as a machinist for the Ocean City Reels Company of Philadelphia.
  • But Mr. Henze had greater aspirations. Mr. Henze dreamed of one day owning his own company, and building fishing reels that would set world records.


  • Otto Henze left Ocean City Reels and started his own fishing reel company in 1932, called Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company.
  • He established his new company in a 3rd. floor loft at 492 North Third Street in Philadelphia, renting space from William Schmitz & Co., General Machinists.
  • In 1933, Otto Henze began selling his reels to the general public. The Mod F was renamed Sea Hawk; the Mod K without a star drag was renamed Bayside; the MOD K with a star drag was renamed Long Beach.
  • The company’s first recorded sale occurred in February 1933 to the Miller Auto Supply Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Miller purchased one of each Penn reel – a Sea Hawk for $1.21, a Bayside for $1.93 and a Long Beach for $2.48. Otto Henze was in business.
  • In 1936, PENN introduced its most famous reel, the “Senator.” It was a revolutionary new reel capable of challenging the biggest, most powerful game fish.


  • In 1948, Otto Henze suddenly died. His wife, Martha, did something few women of the time would even consider. At age 39, she took responsibility for running the company as its President, and PENN Reels continued to prosper
  • In 1942, Penn moved to this new facility on West Hunting park Avenue.


  • 1953 – The Penn Peerless No. 9 is introduced for light-tackle and all-around freshwater fishing.
  • 1955 – All five of the new IGFA records (Black Drum, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Wahoo, White Pointer Shark) set in 1955 were made with Penn reels.
  • In 1959, Penn now manufactures 77 different models for all kinds of fishing.


  • 1961 – Penn Introduces its first spinning reel; the Spinfisher 700.
  • 1966 – Penn introduces the International series, specifically built for big-game tournament fishermen
  • In 1959, Penn now manufactures 77 different models for all kinds of fishing.


  • 1972 – Penn introduces the Levelmatic Bait-Casting Reels and the International No. 130.
  • 1978 – Penn has over 150 reels in production.
  • 1979 – Frank Mundus, the inspiration for Robert Shaw’s character in the film Jaws, catches the largest Mako shark ever on rod and reel, weighing in at 1,080lbs.


  • 1982 – Penn Celebrates it’s fifty-year anniversary
  • 1985 – The International II Two-Speed 80SW and 80S are introduced.
  • 1986 – The 250GR, the only graphite spinning reel built exclusively for saltwater, hits the fishing market. Penn also introduces the legendary HT100, the smoothest and most durable drag material offered in the world.


  • 1990 – Over 700 IGFA records have been set using Penn Reel.
  • 1997 – Penn reels set another 100 world records, pushing their total to over 800 IGFA records.


  • 2002 – The International V, a premier International Lever Drag reel, is introduced.
  • 2004 – Penn models now hold over 1,400 IGFA world records.
  • 2006 – The revolutionary International Torque is named the America Sportfishing Association’s Saltwater Reel of the Year!
  • 2007 – Penn celebrates 75 years of fishing tackle superiority!

Now – 

  • Penns range of fixed spool reels are regarded as some of the best anywhere including Spinfishers, Battles and Surfblasters
  • They are at the forefront of rod design using some the latest materials to fishing and in other markets
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