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  • Fox Rage Predator HD Slim Slider Float

  • Fox Rage Warrior Spare Spools

  • Fox Rage Prism X Spare Spools

  • Fox Rage Predator Kwik Change Weights

  • Fox Rage Predator Float Stops

  • Fox Rage Predator Swinger MK2

  • Fox Rage Predator Treble Hook Sleeves

  • Fox Rage Predator Indicator Adaptor Stem


For anglers looking to tackle predator species, Fox Rage Predator fishing tackle is a popular brand in the UK. They offer a wide range of fishing equipment specially designed for predator fishing, such as lures, rods, reels, lines, and terminal tackle. With a focus on quality and innovation, Fox Rage has established itself as a leading brand in the predator fishing arena, providing anglers with high-performing and reliable tackle. In this discussion, we will explore how Fox Rage’s fishing tackle has become one of the most popular choices among UK predator anglers.


Fox Rage offers a vast range of lures specifically designed for predator fishing. Their range includes different types of lures like soft plastics, hard baits, and jigheads. They also offer a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors, making it easy for anglers to find the right lure for the targeted species and location. Whether you’re targeting pike, perch, or zander, Fox Rage’s lure range caters to every situation.


Predator fishing demands specialized rods that can handle the weight and strength of the targeted fish. Fox Rage’s rod range is designed with this in mind. They offer a range of predator rods, like the Warrior 2 range, which are designed to provide the right combination of power, strength, and sensitivity. The rods are built from premium-quality materials and are durable enough to handle the toughest fishing environments.


Fox Rage’s range of predator reels is specifically designed to handle the demands of predator fishing. Their range includes different types of reels like spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and multipliers. For example, their Prism X range is designed to be lightweight and provide a smooth and powerful performance, while their Rage Ultron X reels offer more power and control.


Fox Rage offers a range of lines for predator fishing, including braided lines that are abrasion-resistant, durable and provide excellent casting performance. They also offer fluorocarbon lines for clear water fishing and mono lines for added stretch and shock absorber capabilities. For example, their Illusion Fluorocarbon range is specifically designed for fishing in clear water.

Terminal Tackle

Fox Rage’s terminal tackle range includes a wide variety of hooks, swivels, and accessories like weights and floats, making it easy for anglers to find the right equipment for their fishing needs. Their predator hook range includes premium hooks like the Predator X range, which provides dependable and sturdy hook holds. Additionally, their trace range includes various options like the Rage Predator Deadbait leader, which is designed for fishing with dead baits, and the illumi-lead range, which adds weight to the rig while providing visual appeal.


Fox Rage’s luggage offers anglers practical and stylish accessories to store and transport their tackle. Their luggage range includes backpacks, rod holdalls, bait and tackle bags, and cool bags to keep food and drinks cool while fishing. The quality and durability of their luggage range ensure that anglers can rely on their bags and cases to protect and store their valuable tackle.

In conclusion, Fox Rage has built its reputation around providing quality and innovative predator fishing tackle in the UK. Their range of products caters to different types of predator fishing, providing anglers with reliable and high-performing equipment. The brand continues to develop new tackle to suit the needs of predator anglers, giving them the best chance for success out on the water.

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