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  • Korum Big Fish Quickstop Hair Rigs

  • Korum Camo Running Rig Kit

  • Korum Leverage Bankstick

  • Korum Hook Hairs With Bait Bands

  • Korum Barbless Hookhairs With Quickstops

  • Korum Specimen Quick Snap Swivels

  • Korum Camo Bolt & Run Kit

  • Korum Dura Method Feeder


Korum is a UK-based fishing tackle brand known for its innovative products and well-designed fishing accessories. Korum specializes in coarse fishing tackles across different styles, including feeder fishing, float fishing and specimen fishing. With its focus on high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and practical design, Korum has become a go-to brand for anglers looking for reliable and versatile fishing gear. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at Korum’s fishing tackle and accessories, including their range of rods, reels, luggage, and accessories.

Feeder fishing

As feeder fishing has become increasingly popular in the UK, Korum has designed a range of tackle to cater to this fishing technique. Their feeder rods are built with carbon fiber blanks, providing the perfect balance of sensitivity and strength needed for feeder fishing. Additionally, Korum’s range of feeder reels, such as the Hydrotex, features advanced technology and a reliable drag system, which ensures smooth and controlled performance on the water.

Float Fishing

For anglers who prefer float fishing techniques, Korum has developed a range of float rods that are built to be balanced, sensitive and easy to handle. Their float rod range, such as the River Tripod range, is ideal for anglers fishing the rivers for species like chub and roach.

Specimen Fishing

Korum’s range of specimen fishing products is designed for anglers targeting larger fish species like carp and barbel. Their range includes tough and sturdy rods like the KXi Carp, designed to handle the weight and power of larger fish species. Additionally, their range of carp fishing accessories includes products like the Carp Quick Release Net, which allows anglers to safely and quickly release their catch back into the water.


Korum’s luggage range includes a wide variety of backpacks, rod holdalls, and carryalls that are stylish and durable. Their luggage offers anglers ample storage space to organize their gear and keep it safe during transportation. Korum’s luggage range includes products like the Korum All Rounder Rucksack, which is designed for anglers who travel light, and the Transition Compact Carryall, which is perfect for storing all of your gear while on the move.


Korum’s accessories range includes a host of products that cater to various fishing techniques and styles. Their Float Kits range includes high-quality floats that are designed to be balanced, easy to use and highly visible, making them ideal for float fishing. Additionally, their range of terminal tackle includes products like hooks, swivels, and rigs, which are designed to work perfectly with Korum’s tackle range.

In conclusion, Korum is a UK-based fishing tackle brand that provides high-quality and innovative products for coarse anglers. They have a wide range of fishing equipment, including rods, reels, lures, luggage and accessories, designed to cater to different fishing styles and techniques. With a firm commitment to quality and practical design, Korum has established a loyal following among anglers who demand reliable and high-performing fishing gear.

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