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  • Sonik Ultrasonik Mono 4oz Spool

  • Sonik Ultrasonik Shock Leader 150m

  • Sonik VaderX Pro 10000 Spare Spools

  • Sonik Ultrasonik Snood Mono

  • Sonik SKX Alarm Single

  • Sonik DominatorX Travel Spin Rods

  • Sonik Xtractor Carp Rods

  • Sonik VaderX Spin Rods

  • Sonik Dominator XS 1000 Surf Reel

  • Sonik VaderX RS Carp Rods

  • Sonik Xtractor Recon Carp Rods

  • Sonik SK-TEK Quick Connect 48″ Storm Pole


Sonik Fishing Tackle is a well-established brand that has been providing quality fishing equipment to the UK angling community for several years. The brand has built a strong reputation for itself by manufacturing high-quality, dependable, and affordable equipment that appeals to a wide range of anglers. Sonik Fishing Tackle offers a broad range of products catered to different types of fishing, including sea fishing, carp fishing, predator fishing, and more. In this discussion, we will delve into the world of Sonik Fishing Tackle and explore how they have built their reputation around providing quality fishing equipment to UK Anglers.

Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is one of the most popular forms of angling in the UK. The pursuit of this species requires specialized equipment, and Sonik Fishing Tackle has risen to the challenge by producing carp fishing equipment of the highest quality. The brand has a range of carp fishing rods designed to cater to different environments and techniques. Their range includes SK-TEK XTRACTOR carp rods, DOMINATOR X CARP rods, S3 Carp rods, and more. All of their carp rods are built from high-quality materials, which provide the sensitivity, strength, and flexibility needed for successful carp fishing.


Just like carp rods, carp reels are an essential part of the carp fishing experience. Sonik Fishing Tackle produces quality carp reels that are reliable and durable, capable of withstanding the harsh environments often encountered in carp fishing. Their range includes the Dominator X 8000 reels, Vader X 5000/6000 reels, Tournos 8000 Big Pit reels. The reels are designed to provide smooth and accurate casting, making them easy to use, even for beginners.


Anglers need to carry multiple tools and equipment to their fishing destinations; thereby, a reliable luggage solution is a must-have. Sonik Fishing Tackle produces quality luggage that is perfect for carp fishing. Their range of luggage includes rod and reel carry bags, carp rucksacks, holdalls, and more. These products are designed with practicality and durability in mind, which is crucial for any angler taking on the big carp.

Bite Alarms

Bite alarms are essential in carp fishing as they alert anglers when a fish is biting their bait. Sonik Fishing Tackle produces top-quality bite alarms that are fit for any situation. Their range includes the SK-SIGNAL BITE ALERT, a wireless, waterproof, and compact bite alarm system that provides 600m+ range. This feature alone sets it apart from the competition and makes it an ideal choice for long distance carp fishing and night fishing.

Sea Fishing

For sea fishing enthusiasts, Sonik Fishing Tackle offers a range of products designed specifically for this type of fishing. Their range includes sea rods, reels, and accessories that are built to withstand the saltwater environment. The SONIK Tournos 10000 reels and the VADER X RS 8000 reel are perfect for both beach and boat sea fishing. Like other products in the Sonik Fishing Tackle range, their sea fishing equipment is built to last.

Predator Fishing

Predator fishing requires specialized equipment and tackle to catch fish such as Pike and Zander. Sonik Fishing Tackle’s range of predator fishing equipment is built to meet this challenge. They offer quality predator rods, reels, and accessories designed with the strength, sensitivity, and power that predator anglers require.

In conclusion, Sonik Fishing Tackle produces quality fishing equipment that caters to anglers of different types of fishing. Their range of products is dependable, durable, and affordable, making them an attractive option for anglers seeking high-quality fishing tackle. With excellent equipment options for carp fishing, sea fishing, predator fishing, and more, Sonik Fishing Tackle has become a reliable go-to brand for UK anglers.

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