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  • Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 580 Zoom

  • Trakker Bivvy Frame Support System

  • Trakker Board Shorts

  • Trakker X-Trail Wide Wheel

  • Trakker Impact Zig Float

  • Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed

  • Trakker 3 Piece Winter Suit

  • Trakker Clear Window

  • Trakker Propel Finger Stall

  • Trakker Flat Pear Swivel Leads

  • Trakker R/S Thermal Combats

  • Trakker Large Pillow


Trakker is a brand that has been providing quality fishing tackle to UK anglers for several years. They specialize in carp fishing, offering a wide range of high-quality carp fishing tackle that caters to different carp fishing situations in the UK. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at Trakker’s offering in the world of carp fishing.

Carp fishing in the UK

Carp fishing is a popular sport in the UK and requires a comprehensive range of fishing gear to cater to different fishing situations. Trakker has a range of equipment specifically designed to handle the harsh UK conditions and provide a better fishing experience.

Bivvies and Shelters

Trakker offers a vast range of bivvies and shelters suitable for carp anglers fishing in different water conditions. Their range includes one-man to double-man bivvies with advanced features to cater to anglers’ specific needs. Advanced features such as full zip-on/off mozzi-mesh panels provide excellent protection against the cold and insects.


The Trakker luggage range is designed to deliver the durability and functionality that carp anglers require, with various options suitable for any angler’s needs. Their range of luggage includes carryalls, rucksacks, and Rod bags. All the products are designed with pockets and compartments of different sizes to make storage and organization easier.


Trakker carp rods are available in different sizes, test curves, and lengths, catering to different anglers’ needs. They carefully select and use high-quality materials that offer durability and sensitivity on the water. Trakker offers rods suitable for different types of carp fishing in different UK conditions. Their rods are designed to provide carp anglers with the best carp fishing experience.


Trakker carp reels are designed to compliment their range of rods, providing an excellent balance and casting distance. Trakker’s reel range includes both free-spool and fixed-spool reels, with powerful retrieving capabilities and accurate line-lay. The designs come with several advanced features, such as anti-reverse technology, line rollers that provide smooth operation, and more.

Terminal Tackle

Trakker provides different terminal tackle options, from hooks, swivels, and leads designed to make catching carp more comfortable and fishing more convenient. Trakker’s terminal tackle range is built with high-quality materials to cater to different carp fishing situations.


Trakker offers carp anglers a comprehensive range of carp fishing tackle designed to provide the best carp fishing experience in the UK. From their bivvies and shelters, rods and reels, luggage and terminal tackle, Trakker has options that cater to the specific needs of carp anglers while ensuring durability and functionality. Their range of products is easy to use, built to withstand harsh conditions, and provide reliable performance on the water. Whether an experienced angler or a novice, Trakker’s products are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their carp fishing experience and get an edge on the water. In conclusion, Trakker is a brand that UK carp anglers can rely on to provide quality carp fishing gear, reliable performance, and durability to enhance their fishing experience.

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