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  • JRC Defender Chair

  • JRC Defender II Bedchair Bag

  • JRC Rova Chair

  • JRC Defender II Relaxa Recliner Arm Chair

  • JRC Rova 2-Rod Sleeve

  • JRC Rova X-Lo Chair

  • JRC Defender II Folding Chair

  • JRC Defender II Armrest Chair

  • JRC Defender II Flatbed Sleep System

  • JRC Defender II Flatbed

  • JRC Defender II Lite Bedchair

  • JRC X-Lite Bobbin Swing Indicator


JRC  is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality carp fishing gear for anglers of all levels. They offer an extensive range of products that cover everything from rods and reels to accessories, and they are well-known for producing innovative and reliable fishing tackle that delivers excellent performance on the water. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at JRC carp fishing tackle and the unique qualities that set them apart from their competitors.


JRC offers a vast range of carp fishing rods to cater to anglers of all abilities and styles. Their range includes specialized rods like the Contact SQR Carp Rod, which is ideal for carp anglers who prefer shorter and more responsive fishing rods. Meanwhile, their Cocoon range of carp rods is designed to address the needs of more experienced carp anglers who require longer and more powerful rods for casting further distances.


JRC has a range of carp fishing reels that are designed to work in tandem with their carp rods, providing excellent control and stability when fighting big fish. Their range includes the classic Contact reel, which is sturdy and reliable and the Contact SQR Spod reel, which is perfect for when you’re using a spod setup. In addition, they offer specialized bait-runner reels, such as the Stealth Bloxx, which provides accurate and secure casting.

Bivvies & Shelters

When it comes to bivvies and shelters, JRC has a reputation for producing top-quality carp fishing gear. Their Stealth Bloxx bivvy is a particular standout, as it offers a spacious and comfortable interior with excellent ventilation to ensure maximum comfort during long sessions. JRC also offers a range of other bivvies and shelters to cater to different needs and budgets, ensuring that all anglers can find the right shelter for their individual requirements.

Bite Alarms & Indicators

JRC offers an extensive range of bite alarms and indicators designed to make detecting fish easier. Their alarms have various functions, such as adjustable volume settings, tone, and sensitivity to ensure that anglers can detect even the slightest bites. The Cocoon indicator range is one of their standout products, with indicators that come in a wide range of colors to provide maximum visibility in a variety of fishing conditions.


JRC also offers an extensive range of accessories that ensure fishing gear can be transported and stored safely and easily, and anglers can carry everything they need in one go. Their range includes tackle boxes, sleeping bags, chairs, and many other practical accessories to cater to anglers with different preferences and requirements.

In conclusion, JRC is a brand that is dedicated to producing top-quality carp fishing tackle for anglers of all levels. The brand’s focus on innovation and reliability is reflected in the quality of their products, which offer excellent performance on the water. Whether you’re new to carp fishing or are a seasoned pro, JRC has something to offer, ensuring that you have the right gear to capture the biggest fish possible.

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