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  • Sakuma 543 Pennel Manta Extra

  • Sakuma Pro Series 440 Circle Hooks Size 4 25 pcs

  • Sakuma 560 Stinger Hooks Pkt 10 Size 1

  • Sakuma 541 Mini Manta Hooks Pkt 10 Size 2

  • Sale!

    Sakuma 455 Octopus Hooks

  • Sakuma 525 Crab Hooks

  • Sale!

    Sakuma 465 Kong Hooks

  • Sakuma 8mm Beads

  • Sakuma Pro Series 545 Manta Extra Hooks

  • Sakuma 7 Strand Nylon Covered Wire –

  • Sakuma 8mm Round Beads Green/Black (100 pe rpack)

  • Sakuma 565 Stinger Match Hooks (10 Per Pack)


Sakuma is a brand that has been producing high-quality fishing hooks for over 100 years. For anglers who are looking to target species such as carp, bass, pike, and catfish, Sakuma hooks are an ideal choice. In this discussion, we will delve into some of the key products offered by Sakuma and how they can benefit your next fishing trip.


Sakuma offers a vast range of hooks designed to suit a variety of fishing techniques. The brand’s range of hooks includes circle hooks, bait hooks, treble hooks, and single hooks, among others. Their hooks are manufactured with high-grade steel, making them strong and durable, and they also possess a sharpness that can make them more effective at hooking fish.

Circle Hooks

Sakuma’s range of circle hooks is designed to appeal to anglers who are looking for a higher hook-up rate. Circle hooks can be used in various fishing techniques, including surfcasting, pier fishing, and offshore fishing. They are ideal for catching species such as sharks, tuna, swordfish, and many others. Sakuma circle hooks are constructed with high-grade steel to deliver a level of durability required for offshore saltwater fishing, and they are also chemically sharpened for enhanced performance.

Bait Hooks

Sakuma’s range of bait hooks is incredibly diverse, catering to the different types of bait used by anglers around the world. The bait hooks are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, including forged, eyeless, and barbless hooks. These hooks are ideal for targeting species such as carp, catfish, and bass. They are manufactured from high-quality Japanese high-carbon steel, which allows for a degree of flexibility that is necessary when using live bait.

Treble Hooks

Sakuma’s range of treble hooks offers excellent performance and durability. They are available in various sizes and styles, including Barbed, Barbless, and Eyeless, making them versatile and ideal for anglers who appreciate flexibility. Treble hooks are an excellent choice for anglers who want to maximize their hook-up rate when using lures, and they are suitable for various fishing techniques, such as trolling and casting.

Single Hooks

Sakuma’s range of single hooks is ideal for those who prefer more traditional fishing methods. They are strong, durable, and highly sharp, making them effective when using natural baits, such as worms, grubs, and insects. Their single hooks are crafted out of high-quality steel and feature a chemically sharpened point that penetrates easily, maximizing the chances of a successful catch.


Sakuma is a brand that offers high-quality fishing hooks made from high-grade materials. Their range of hooks includes circle hooks, bait hooks, treble hooks, and single hooks, catering to the diverse needs of anglers. Whether you are fishing for bass or catfish, Sakuma has a hook that suits your unique needs. Each hook offers a level of strength, durability, and sharpness that is necessary for successful fishing. When you invest in Sakuma hooks, you can be sure that you are investing in quality and reliability, providing you with the confidence to explore new fishing techniques or catch the fish of a lifetime.

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