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Ian golds is regarded as one of the finest shore anglers ever to grace the beach. His tactics and gear has led him to many gold medals on the international match scene to cement him as a fishing legend.

From his fishing ability, Ian golds was able to create a range of fishing tackle ideally suited to aid the sea anglers fishing around the UK.

Most notably, he design the UK’s most popular range of Tripods. The Ian golds Tripods can be seen on just about every beach in the UK. On top of this he realised tripods need accessories and spares to attach to his tripods as well as other tripods. The Ian golds tripod accessories make fishing easier especially with leg lock kits for stabilisation, trace bars to hand extra rigs on and even luminous cups  so you can see where to put your rod down at night.

Sadly he great man past away early in 2021 but his name and memory will live on for a long, long time exactly like his tripods.