• Meiho Slit Form Case 3020

  • Meiho Slit Form Case 3020 NDDM

  • Meiho VS 7090 N

  • Meiho VS 3038 ND

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  • Meiho Squid Stocker BM-S – Black

  • Meiho Oricon Drink Holder BM – Black

  • Meiho Inner Stocker BM-35S -Black

  • Meiho Inner Stocker BM-20S – Black

  • Meiho Big Mouth Stocker BM3020

  • Meiho Big Mouth Stocker BM3010

  • Meiho Versus 3078 Tackle Case

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  • Meiho Versus 7070 Tackle Box – Black


Meiho Fishing Tackle is a Japanese company that has been producing high-quality fishing tackle for over 30 years. The company has built a strong reputation for producing innovative tackle and accessories that cater to the needs of different anglers around the world. In this discussion, we will explore some of the key products offered by Meiho Fishing Tackle and how they can benefit your next fishing trip.

Tackle Boxes

Meiho is renowned for its range of tackle boxes, which are designed for anglers of all levels of experience. The brand’s range includes various sizes and styles of boxes, from small, compact options that can fit into your pocket to large, multi-tiered boxes for storing a vast array of fishing tackle. The CO-50 box, for example, is a popular choice among anglers, featuring various compartments with adjustable dividers to allow for customization. The lid is also transparent, allowing users to identify the contents without having to open it.

Lure Cases

Meiho Fishing Tackle produces a range of lure cases designed to keep your lures and accessories organized and protected. The cases feature a range of designs, including surface lures cases, tackle binders, and other specialized cases for storing specific types of lures. The VS-7070ND lure case, for example, is one of the most popular products in the range. It features adjustable dividers and a waterproof seal, making it ideal for use even in wet conditions. It can store up to 40 lures, making it perfect for anglers who like to carry a wide range of options with them.

Rod Cases

Meiho also produces a range of rod cases designed to keep your fishing rods safe and secure when not in use. The cases feature a range of sizes and materials, with some options even designed to protect multiple rods at once. The PC-801NS rod case, for example, is a popular option, featuring a durable construction and a rubberized lining that helps to protect your rods from damage during transport. It can also be adjusted to fit rods of different lengths and even features wheels for easy transportation.

Utility Boxes

Meiho offers various utility boxes designed for general storage of fishing gear and accessories. The plastic utility boxes feature adjustable dividers, allowing users to customize the compartments to fit their specific needs. The compartments are water-resistant, making it possible to store delicate accessories like hooks and lures without fear of rust or damage. The SX-30FB utility box, for example, is a compact option that can fit into small pockets or backpacks, perfect for anglers who value portability and convenience.


In conclusion, Meiho Fishing Tackle produces a vast selection of high-quality tackle and accessories designed to help anglers keep their equipment organized, secure, and accessible. The brand’s range includes tackle boxes, lure cases, rod cases, and utility boxes, among others, all designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Meiho Fishing Tackle has built its reputation around innovative designs, quality materials, and robust construction, ensuring that anglers can fish with confidence, knowing that their gear is well-protected. When you invest in Meiho Fishing Tackle products, you can be confident that you are investing in some of the best tackle available on the market today.

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