Guru 6 Inch Super LWG Bait Band Ready Rigs


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Guru 6" Super LWG Bait Band Ready Rigs

The Premium Super LWG Eyed Barbless hooks, ready tied to a six-inch
hooklength on reliable N-Gauge line. Guru have aimed to get a perfectly
balanced hook size to line strength ratio – not too heavy or light.
Available in 20 x 0.11mm, 18 x 0.13mm, 16 x 0.13mm, 14 x 0.15mm and 12 x

Hooklength incorporates a banded hair rig tied with a knotless knot,
featuring a neat Guru Micro Band, which can be used for various baits.
The small band is very discrete when bait is placed in it, great for
fooling wary commercial fish.

The obvious bait to use with them is hard pellets, and the great thing
about micro bands is that they will take various sizes of pellet from a
4mm for F1s, up to an 8mm for big carp, easy and quick when used in
conjunction with Guru Pellet Pliers.

They can however, also be used for other baits. The band can be pulled
into a piece of meat or corn, and you can place a maggot in a band too –
great for F1s.

The hook lengths are tied off at six-inches long with a small, neat and
strong figure of eight loop, that allows easy loop-to-loop connection
with your mainline. They came in a packet on a board, kept perfectly
straight and protected, and better still you can transfer them straight
into a Guru Rig Case, or chop them down shorter if you require. Ideal
for pole and lighter Pellet/Method feeder hooklengths.

Eight rigs per packet.

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