MAP TKS Depth Marker Power Kits – White


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Product Description

The White TKS Depth Marker top kits not only feature a unique printed marker, 12 inches apart all the way up the length of the top kit, allowing the angler to find the correct depth quickly, or let them know what depth they were actually fishing at, but they also feature an anti-shadow paint finish to prevent spooking fish when fishing in shallow edges or shallow fishing

  • Pre-bushed with a high-quality PTFE bush
  • PTFE side puller fitted as standard
  • 4.2mm bush size
  • Unique printed depth markers


Power Kit 1 – 101, 201,301

Power Kit 2 – 401, 501, 601

Power Kit 3 – 701, 801, 901

Power Kit 4 – 1001


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