Sonubaits Supercrush Bream Feeder 2kg


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Supercrush Bream Feeder is a golden yellow colour traditionally
associated with bream, and the main reason for this is it stands out
better on the bed of a lake or river, especially when you put plenty of
groundbait in to create a feeding area. In addition to the colour it has
a few heavy particles in, as these really hold the bream in the swim as
they sift through the groundbait in search of food items.

It also contains a large amount of fishmeal, as this has become part of
the regular diet for commercial fishery bream. Quite a fluffy mix, so
that it comes out of the feeder but it also binds well to take particles
to the bottom in a feeder, or when being balled in on the pole line. It
is great at carrying particles like maggot, caster or corn and creates a
good feeding area.

Also included is a new ingredient called “Yellow Mist”, which gives a
yellow cloud to the water but the heavier particles in the groundbait
keep the bream feeding on the bottom.

Available in 2kg bags

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