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Guru Inline Mini Pellet Feeder 24g

With the birth of the recent Hybrid feeder, which is made using a new
type of material where the weight is in the body of the feeder, rather
than being a separate weight, it made it possible to produce a feeder
with the correct weight to make it efficient and useable in most fishing
situations. Using the new material benefits the new Mini Pellet Feeder
in many ways.

The durable camo paint finish blends into any lake bed and the flared
design allows for easy loading and quick release of bait and scent into
the water. Slots in the top of the feeder and holes in the base, as seen
on the Hybrid method feeder range, allow the water to reach the pellets
to start breaking down quickly after casting. The unbreakable design has
been perfected over many months of testing by Adam Rooney, Pemb
Wrighting, Steve Ringer and the Guru team and the feeders are X-Safe
compatible, meaning they can be used with Guru’s safe elasticated stem

Available in mini 24g size only.

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