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Casting Range (grams)

  • Berkley Flourocarbon Trilene 50m – Clear

  • Berkley Power Herring Shads 23cm 300g

  • Berkley Pulse Spintail Lures

  • Berkley Flex Braid 275m

  • Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono 4oz Spool

  • Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono

  • Berkley Digital Pocket Scales 25kg

  • Berkley Baitfish Rig 450g

  • Berkley Flex Monofilament – Clear

  • Berkley Trilene Big Game Shock Leader

  • Berkley Trilene Big Game 4oz Spool Clear

  • Berkley Baitfish Rig 300g


Berkley is a brand that has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality fishing equipment and tackle that delivers exceptional performance on the water. The brand is well-known for its range of fishing line, lures, and other accessories, and their products are used by anglers worldwide to improve their chances of success. In this discussion, we will take a closer look at Berkley and the unique qualities that set them apart from their competitors.


Berkley is perhaps best known for its extensive range of fishing lines, which includes both braid and monofilament lines. Their braid range includes the Fireline series, which is renowned for its smooth and easy casting properties, and their SpiderWire range, which offers excellent strength, sensitivity, and durability. For monofilament lines, the Trilene series is perhaps the most popular, due to its exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength.


Berkley offers a broad range of lures for freshwater and saltwater fishing, which cater to different angling styles and environments. Their lures are known for being highly realistic and effective in attracting fish. One of their most popular lure series is the Gulp! range, which is made from a water-based formula that attracts fish to their bait thanks to its realistic scent. The Berkley PowerBait series is also popular for its range of hard and soft baits that mimic the movement and colors of natural baitfish.

Rods & Reels

Berkley offers a range of rods and reels designed to cater to different fishing styles and environments. Their Cherrywood range of rods is popular for its high sensitivity, which is especially useful when fishing in shallow waters. For anglers who prefer spinning reels, the Berkley Lightning Rod Spinning Combo is a highly recommended option, as it provides excellent accuracy and control on the water. Berkley’s line of baitcasting reels is also popular among anglers, particularly the Abu Garcia series, which is known for its smooth casting and accurate performance.


Berkley also offers a range of accessories that help anglers to improve their overall fishing experience. Their range includes items like terminal tackle, hooks, swivels, and leaders, which are designed to work with their fishing lines and lures for optimal performance. Other accessories offered by Berkley include bags and backpacks, which are perfect for transporting and storing fishing gear, as well as tools for rigging and maintaining fishing lines.

In conclusion, Berkley is a leading brand in the fishing industry, known for producing high-quality and innovative fishing tackle and accessories that cater to anglers of different skill levels and fishing styles. Their focus on creating gear that delivers exceptional performance and ease of use has made them a favorite among anglers worldwide. Whether you’re new to fishing or have been an angler for years, Berkley has products that can help improve your chances of landing that big catch.

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