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  • Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 15-80lb mono

  • Gerrys Double Crimps For Heavy Mono

  • Breakaway AC1 Adjustable Crimps (20 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys Single Crimps for Wire (50 Per Pack)

  • Gerrys Simply Crimp (20 Per Pack)

  • Tronix Crimps (100 Per Pack)

  • Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Kit

  • Grand Slam Aluminum Sleeves

  • Gerrys Double Crimps For Mono (50 Per Pack)

  • Sunset Brass Crimps

  • Tronix Crimp Swivel (5 Per Pack)

  • Sunset Double Brass Crimps – 1.5mm

  • Tronixpro Crimps Max Packs – 5mm 0.8 x 5mm – Pkt 500

  • Hi-Seas Mini Double Barrel Copper Sleeves

  • Gemini Genie Mini Crimps G3801 (50 Per Pack) 1 Packet


Fishing crimps are small metal sleeves that are used to create a secure connection between fishing line and hooks, swivels, or other terminal tackle. They are typically made of brass or stainless steel and come in various sizes and styles, such as oval or double-barrel.

To use a crimp, the fishing line is passed through the sleeve, inserted into the terminal tackle, and then compressed using a special tool, like a crimping pliers or crimper. The compression creates a secure hold on the line, preventing it from slipping or pulling out.

Fishing crimps are popular among anglers because they provide a simple and effective way to connect line and tackle, improving reliability and reducing the risk of losing fish. However, it is important to choose the right size and style for the job, as well as to use a high-quality crimping tool to ensure proper compression and holding strength.

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