Berkley Powerbait Mounted Sandeel – 10cm 8.5g


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Product Description

Berkley Powerbait Mounted Sandeel, a highly effective fishing lure designed to attract a wide range of fish species. This lifelike sandeel replica is expertly mounted on a durable hook, ensuring optimal presentation and hooking potential.

The Powerbait scent infused into the lure adds an irresistible attraction, enticing fish to strike. Whether you’re targeting saltwater or freshwater fish, this versatile bait is a must-have for any angler looking to increase their chances of success.

Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the Berkley Powerbait Mounted Sandeel and experience the difference it makes in your catch rate.

Ready to fish

PowerBait scented

Just cast it, the fish will bring it back

4 per packet


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