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Breakaway Escape Links T

he Breakaway Escape Link is a ‘rotten bottom’ device which unlike traditional rotten bottoms does not involve the use of lengths of weaker line. The Escape link instead relies on the sprung tension of the locking pin to release the lead when pulling free from a snag. The amount of force needed to ‘trip’ the Escape Link can be set by slightly altering the angle of the locking pin. A sliding plastic ring is pushed down towards the sinker before casting and this locks the locking pin so safety is insured with even the most powerful of casting styles. When the rig hits the sea water pressure pushes the plastic ring up the link so that the Escape Link works correctly and frees the lead in the event of it becoming snagged.

Packs of 6

*The versatile rotten bottom lead release
*No specialist rigs necessary
*No monofilament weak link required
*Adjustable overload setting
*Safe powerful casting
*Tie on or add to an existing clip
*Safe casting releases at about 12lb pressure
*Always use fine wire hooks and heavier main line when using any rotten bottom clip
*6 per pkt

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