Cyansky Triple Output Headlamp – 1400 Lumens – 170m


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A tough, robust head torch with a metal body. It will survive an impact when dropped from a 2m height and is waterproof up to IPX8, which means it can be submerged for a short period of time in up to 2m in water and still function. The total output of the light is 1400 lumens, and it has three lights which work in conjunction with each other for a wide range of uses. The main SST40 LED works as a spotlight and is effective up to a range of 170-metres. The SST20 LED and 2 Everlight LEDs allow for both a wide and a close-range flood light. This allows you to pick the right setting for the situation you’re in, spotting fish at long range with the spotlight, working on knots, baiting up, and general tasks around your fishing spot with the other two lights. It also has a strobe light function and a red light option. The red light helps to keep you inconspicuous when you don’t want to spook fish. It also helps your eyes to readjust to the darkness when you have finished your tasks and turn the light off. The lamp can be recharged via USB C.


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